{Release Day Review++Excerpt+Giveaway} Trapped by Rhonda Pollero

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{Release Day Review++Excerpt+Giveaway} Trapped by Rhonda Pollero

{Release Day Review++Excerpt+Giveaway} Trapped by Rhonda PolleroTrapped by Rhonda Pollero
Pages: 352
Published by Forever Yours on November 7, 2017
Series: Finding Justice #3
Genres: adult, Romance, Suspense
Source: eARC from Publisher

Lured into danger, trapped by desire . . .

Chasyn Summers has a target on her back. As the key witness in a murder case, she's risking her life to testify in court--and she needs protection. But when she's assigned a personal bodyguard who's disarmingly tough--and distractingly gorgeous--it's not just her life that's in danger. It's her heart . . .

Declan Kavanaugh works strictly by the rules. Never get too close to a client. And never, ever, fall in love. But he's never protected anyone as beautiful, or as intriguing, as Chasyn. Surrendering to passion is a risk they can't afford to take, especially when danger meets desire and Declan realizes Chasyn Summers may be the ultimate trap.

Note: This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
NA Review My Thoughts

Trapped is a romantic suspense novel by Rhonda Pollero. It is the third book in the Finding Justice Series. The Finding Justice series follows a set of brothers, but each of the books can be read as standalones. This was the first book in the series I have read, and I didn’t have any problems following the story and the characters. Trapped really did read like a true standalone. I enjoyed both the romance and the suspense aspect of the story, though maybe I did enjoy the romance aspect a tad bit more.

Trapped follows Declan and Chasyn. I was initially attracted to this book because of the legal aspect of the story. I am a sucker for anything having to do with law. And I did enjoy the trial part of the story, but Chasyn’s character fell a little short for me. She is a paralegal, which I thought was a great tie in. But sometimes I just couldn’t figure out why she was doing some of the things she was doing. More often than not though, I did like her. And I loved Declan. He more than made up for the few times she annoyed me. Declan is super protective, and he is a great private investigator. He made the story for me.

Overall, Trapped was a great romance and a good suspense. I figured out what was going on but I have probably read more plot lines than the average reader, so I like to think that gives me an edge. (Maybe not, though? What do you think?) Fans of romantic suspense that favor the romance side will really enjoy this story. If you like legal thrillers, you should check out Trapped. I think I will add the first two books in the Finding Justice series to my wishlist to check out as well.

“You know you can take Burrows up on his offer,” Declan said after they pulled out of the parking lot. “I won’t take it personally.”
“Get locked away in some house in God knows where with the occasional police cruiser driving by? Besides, when I’m with you I can be active in the investigation.” And have great, if temporary, sex.
“Good to now you have so much faith in me,” he said as his hand slipped over onto her knee. Using his fingertips, he bunched up the fabric until he was touching her bare skin. He began making maddeningly sensual circles with his thumb, inching it up higher and higher. Chasyn’s breath caught in her throat when reached her thong. Her body was fully alert and she tensed with need.
“Don’t” she said on a rush of breath.
“You’re wet.”
She reached down and pushed his hand away from her. “And you’re driving.”
“I keep telling you I can multitask.”
“Well, maybe I don’t feel like being a distraction,” she told him as she straightened her clothes.
“You really do have a problem with spontaneity, don’t you?”
“I have a problem with how fast all of . . . this is happening.”
“We’re two consulting adults who happen to have some great chemistry.”
“That doesn’t mean we have to act on it,” she countered even though her nerve endings still sizzled from his touch.
Declan placed his hand back on the wheel. “Sorry if you felt pressured.”
“I didn’t feel pressured,” she assured him. “I just haven’t had enough time to process this yet.”
He chuckled. “What’s there to process?
“I need to make a pro-con list to put this all into perspective.”
“Tell you what,” he began easily. “You make your list and I’ll restrain myself until you’ve beaten this dead horse.”
“That was condescending.”
“It wasn’t meant to be,” he said. “I’m just saying I’m willing to give you time.”
“How much?”
“However much you need.”


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