Are You a Blogger looking for Books to Review?

Hi fellow book lovers!

Are you a new (or not so new) book blogger that is looking for books to review from Authors and Publishers?

I get dozens and dozens of authors and publishers sending me review requests every single day. I send this form to authors and publishers that contact me to put them in contact with other bloggers that are looking for review books.

This is a great way to get yourself in front of authors and publishers that you might not have worked with previously

If you would like to be added to the list, simply fill out the google doc form below and you and your blog will be sent to authors and publishers that contact me.

DISCLAIMER: Please note that by signing up to this list, you are giving permission for your email address (and any other information that you choose to include) to be sent to authors and publishers that are looking for bloggers to contact in regards to reviewing books. Please DO NOT put any addresses or other information that you do not want shared with these publishers or authors in the form. 

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If you ever want to be taken off the list, just email me and I will remove you right away 🙂


Please note: I simply send a link to the whole spreadsheet to authors and publishers so I have no control over who they choose to email. You may get a ton of requests or you might get none. It all just depends on whether they think you are a good fit for their book. But I can say this, the authors/ publishers all seem to love the list and have written back multiple times saying that they contacted a bunch of people from it.

Michelle @ Book Briefs

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  1. Karen Klein

    I review: literary fiction, women’s fiction,historical fiction,mystery thriller,YA, Middle Grade, and children books
    I occasionally review fantasy and some non-fiction

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