{Release Day Review} Bride by Ali Hazelwood

February 6, 2024 New Adult, Reviews 1 ★★★★★

{Release Day Review} Bride by Ali HazelwoodBride by Ali Hazelwood
Pages: 416
on February 6, 2024

A dangerous alliance between a Vampyre bride and an Alpha Werewolf becomes a love deep enough to sink your teeth into in this new paranormal romance.

Misery Lark, the only daughter of the most powerful Vampyre councilman of the Southwest, is an outcast—again. Her days of living in anonymity among the Humans are over: she has been called upon to uphold a historic peacekeeping alliance between the Vampyres and their mortal enemies, the Weres, and she sees little choice but to surrender herself in the exchange—again...

Weres are ruthless and unpredictable, and their Alpha, Lowe Moreland, is no exception. He rules his pack with absolute authority, but not without justice. And, unlike the Vampyre Council, not without feeling. It’s clear from the way he tracks Misery’s every movement that he doesn’t trust her. If only he knew how right he was….

Because Misery has her own reasons to agree to this marriage of convenience, reasons that have nothing to do with politics or alliances, and everything to do with the only thing she's ever cared about. And she is willing to do whatever it takes to get back what’s hers, even if it means a life alone in Were territory…alone with the wolf.



My Thoughts

Bride is a standalone adult paranormal romance by romance powerhouse author Ali Hazelwood. Ali is one of my all time favorite romance authors, and being that I love her books and I love paranormal romances, I was PUMPED when I first heard about Bride. And I am happy to report that Bride did not disappoint. I loved this book so much! I am convinced that Ali Hazelwood can do no wrong. She writes addictive stories with characters you fall in love with hardcore.

Bride is an arranged marriage featuring Vampyres and Werewolves- who are true enemies. Misery is the daughter of the most powerful Vampyre on the Vampyre council and Lowe is the alpha of a very strong werewolf pack. Lowe and Misery completely captured my heart- I can’t even tell you who I like more. They are each so wonderful and selfless and good to their cores. The world set up felt like an urban fantasy with werewolves and Vampyres living in our human world. Misery grew up around humans because of a pact that the Vampyres have with the humans so she is unique in that regard, and she agrees to the marriage for ulterior motives of her own. Her best friend went missing and she thinks the werewolves have some of the answers as to where she is.

Heavy on the romance, Bride is also a mystery that I loved. I would love to see more written in this world because I feel like these characters are now my friends and I don’t want to say goodbye to them yet. If you are a fan of super cute and sexy romances and you love paranormal romance, you need to read Bride. If you are a contemporary romance girlie and you love Ali’s other books, you should let Bride be your entryway into paranormal. I think you will love it!



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  1. Ellen

    Read most of the book in one night, haven’t done that since the invention of streaming networks. Forgot that reading puts speed and choice back into the reader’s hands. There were some syntax issues and times during which dialogue was unclear, and I had to settle for context clues to ascertain which character was actually speaking, but not since the Twilight or Discovery of Witches or even the Clan of the Cave Bear series, have I stayed up all night to read a book. Maybe because I am a hopeless romantic, maybe because Arthur C Clarke got me hooked on science fiction the afternoon my brother threw it on my bed and told me to read it for him, and I stayed up all night doing so, but I have adopted the SyFy/paranormal romance as my genre of choice as truly good science fiction has become very difficult to find. Additionally, with all the bad in our world and that of the book, these characters are intrinsically good. They overcame hardships that could have made them bitter, but instead bound them in their love for the special individuals in their lives. Not of their own family, or even species, but friends made family through shared experiences that built mutual respect and eventually love. You can’t pick your family but you can pick your friends!! Because that is even rarer in their world than ours, I fell in love with them too! I was disappointed to find out that this is but one book and not a series, I certainly hope a series has been born!

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