{Review} Of Bones and Skulls by Samantha Zeigler

November 17, 2023 Adult, Reviews 1 ★★★

{Review} Of Bones and Skulls by Samantha ZeiglerOf Bones and Skulls: Black Skull Chronicles Book 1 by Samantha Ziegler
Pages: 386
on April 27, 2023
Series: Black Skull Chronicles #1
Genres: Dark Fantasy, Fantasy & Magic

A murdered king. A cynical soldier. A witch with a secret.When the king of Rhodan is assassinated under supernatural circumstances, Lieutenant Killian Southwick is tasked with bringing the killer to justice. Driven by loyalty and ambition, he’ll do anything to avenge his late king, even if it means teaming up with Elyse Crenshaw.

Elyse is regarded as one of the most powerful witches in the kingdom—and she wants nothing to do with Killian, or anyone for that matter. But when he makes her an compelling offer in exchange for one week’s help with his investigation, she begrudgingly agrees.

After a rocky start, Elyse and Killian learn to work together, but secrets and past tragedies threaten to upend the entire investigation, and their budding romance. From magic potions to talking skulls and everything in between, nothing is as it seems.

Of Bones and Skulls
, the thrilling and sexy first installment of the Black Skull Chronicles.



My Thoughts

A murdered king. A cynical soldier. A witch with a secret.

One book that I recently finished was Of Bones and Skulls by Samantha Zeigler. Of Bones and Skulls is the first book in the dark fantasy romance series, Black Skulls Chronicles.

In Of Bones and Skulls, we meet Killian who works for the King who was just murdered. He sets out to try and find the king’s killer at all costs. Even if it means working with Elyse, one of the most powerful witches in the kingdom. This was a fun enemies to lovers fantasy that has some spice, and a good bit of romance.

I found parts of the book to be a little predictable, but overall I enjoyed it. My favorite aspect of the book was the plot, and the magic system. I also enjoyed the romance but it did take me a little while to warm up to the main characters. I was more gripped into the story initially then I was into them personally. I grew to really like them and I am interested in where the series is going to go next. I think this was a good foundational book for the series.

Check out Of Bones and Skulls if you like:
-Enemies to lovers
-Witchy Vibes
-Dual POV
-Brooding MMC
-Badass FMC
-Murder Mystery
-opposites attract



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