{Review+Giveaway} Body Parts by @JessKapp @DiversionBooks

September 8, 2017 Blog Tours, Giveaways, Reviews, Young Adult 3 ★★★½

{Review+Giveaway} Body Parts by @JessKapp @DiversionBooks

{Review+Giveaway} Body Parts by @JessKapp @DiversionBooksBody Parts by Jessica Kapp
Pages: 294
Published by Diversion Publishing on August 15th 2017
Genres: Young Adult, Dystopian, Science Fiction, Romance
Source: eARC from Publisher

People would kill for her body.

Raised in an elite foster center off the California coast, sixteen-year-old Tabitha’s been sculpted into a world-class athlete. Her trainers have told her she’ll need to be in top physical condition to be matched with a loving family, even though personal health has taken a backseat outside the training facility. While Tabitha swims laps and shaves seconds off her mile time, hoping to find a permanent home, the rest of the community takes pills produced by pharmaceutical giant PharmPerfect to erase their wrinkles, grow hair, and develop superhuman strength.

When Tabitha’s finally paired, instead of being taken to meet her new parents, she wakes up immobile on a hospital bed. Moments before she’s sliced open, a group of renegade teenagers rescues her, and she learns the real reason for her perfect health: PharmPerfect is using her foster program as a replacement factory for their pill-addicted clients’ failing organs. And her friends from the center, the only family she’s ever known, are next in line to be harvested.

Determined to save them, Tabitha joins forces with her rescuers, led by moody and mysterious Gavin Stiles. As they race to infiltrate the hospital and uncover the rest of PharmPerfect’s secrets, though, Tabitha finds herself with more questions than answers. Will trusting the enigmatic group of rebels lead her back to the slaughterhouse?

YA Review My Thoughts

Body Parts by Jessica Kapp is a young adult science fiction. I don’t read a ton of science fiction/ dystopian fiction, but every now and again one sounds too good to pass up. Body Parts was that novel that sounded too good for me to pass up. I loved the concept of a world that has a pill to fix almost anything. Of course, a lot of the fixes were superficial, but some of them were almost super power like. It was really interesting. However, the pills came at a cost. (Just like in the real world.) the pills call stress and failure of some organs.

Our main character Tabitha is being trained with others her age to try and make them attractive candidates for adoption. I liked Tabitha. She was a character that I developed an attachment to more and more as the book went on. But I wouldn’t say Body Parts was a very character driven story. It was more plot driven. Initially, I was super interested in the plot because the whole set up intrigued me. But then the pacing started lose me a bit. But once I got past a little slump the book picked up for me again and I was immersed until the end. Another thing I liked about the story was the romance. I wasn’t expecting there to be any romance in this story, because the summary didn’t hint at much, but there was actually a really nice romance developing.

I think what I enjoyed most about the story was that it wasn’t 100% far fetched for me. Our society loves a quick fix, so it is easy to see science progressing to the point that more and more of these quick fix pills will pop up. But of course, nothing is perfect, so the side effects can be dire. It is something I would love to see explored in other books. I am really really intrigued by this idea. I enjoyed Jessica Kapp’s take on the story. I am happy to say that I really enjoyed Body Parts.

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About Jessica Kapp

Jessica Kapp enjoys writing Young Adult Contemporary and Speculative Fiction. Story ideas often strike at inopportune times, and she’s been known to text herself reminders from under the covers.

She lives on a small farm in Washington with far too many goats and an occasional cow.

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