{Review} The Betrothed by Kiera Cass

October 10, 2020 Reviews, Young Adult 0 ★★★★

{Review} The Betrothed by Kiera CassThe Betrothed by Kiera Cass
Pages: 400
Published by HarperCollins Children's Books on May 5, 2020
Series: The Betrothed #1
Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy & Magic
Source: Audiobook from Library

When King Jameson declares his love for Lady Hollis Brite, Hollis is shocked—and thrilled. After all, she’s grown up at Keresken Castle, vying for the king’s attention alongside other daughters of the nobility. Capturing his heart is a dream come true.

But Hollis soon realizes that falling in love with a king and being crowned queen may not be the happily ever after she thought it would be. And when she meets a commoner with the mysterious power to see right into her heart, she finds that the future she really wants is one that she never thought to imagine.

YA Review My Thoughts

The Betrothed is this first book in the young adult fantasy romance series of the same name by Kiera Cass. I listened to this book on Audiobook and I loved the audio version. I found the narrator to be a pleasant reader and she kept the book just flying along. I listened at 1.5 speed and it was a little fast but not too fast so I couldn’t keep up and I flew through this book so fast.

In The Betrothed, we meet our main character Hollis as she is just at the start of what she thinks will be a fling with King Jameson. She is one of the ladies at court, and the king has been dating all of them for a short period of time. When it is her turn, she never expects it to last, but she seems to catch the kings eye. As the story went on, I easily fell into the story, the excitement and the romance of being wooed by a king that honestly felt like a genuinely good guy. And then Silas came into the picture with his family, and I got swept up in the possibility of a new romance, and both times I felt like I knew where the story was going, and I was thoroughly enjoying the journey. But then something crazy and surprising happened and I found myself totally shocked because I had no idea where the book was going to go from here. And you know what? Even though I hated what happened, I loved that this book surprised me.

I have a few theories about what is going to happen in the next book but honestly, I am so pleasantly surprised that this book took a different direction than I thought that I am just plain excited to find out what is going to happen next? Is it going to be what I think? Is it going to surprise me again? What on earth is in store for Hollis after the crazy events of book one? I can’t wait to see what is in store for us next with the kingdoms of Isolte and Coroa. The Betrothed is a wonderful book for fans of young adult fantasy that is heavy on the court politics. I really enjoyed this one.


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