{Review} Dark Fae by Lillian Cartier

June 21, 2016 Adult, Reviews 0 ★★½

{Review} Dark Fae by Lillian CartierDark Fae Pages: 81
Published by Createspace Independent Pub on June 15, 2016
Series: Skeleton Key
Genres: adult, Fantasy & Magic, Romance
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Skeleton Key Book SeriesOne Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures.https://skeletonkeybookseries.com

Tessa James has never been able to figure out the puzzle that is her life, until a mysterious key and a hidden closet lead the way to a realm beyond her imagination. The Fae are real. Magic exists. And Tess’s world has just drastically changed.

Nyx Steele, the leader of the Fae, is ruthless as he is beautiful, especially when it comes to keeping the humans out of his realm. Their role in slaying his people will never be forgotten, even if they stumble on him in the form of an alluring being like Tessa. No matter how strongly he's drawn to her, Nyx must never forget what Tessa's ancestors did to his.

Lost in a land filled with wonder and dangers, Tessa cannot resist her attraction to the enigmatic Nyx. The most breathtaking love she's ever found may also bring her ultimate ruin and death.

Note: This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
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Adult Review

My ThoughtsDark Fae is part of the Skeleton Key book series. I really love the set up of this series. It is a group of almost 30 authors, each one writing a book featuring a skeleton key that unlocks a secret world. But all of the books are vastly different. Different themes, different age groups and different sub genres. I just love that idea. So whether you like young adult, new adult or adult, you will be able to find a book for you. If you want to know more information about the series you can check out the website dedicated to the books.

Skeleton Key Book Series
One Skeleton Key. Endless Adventures.

Dark Fae is an adult fae novella by Lillian Cartier. A woman who thinks she has no family, discovers that a long lost aunt has left her a house and strange key. When she unlocks a door in her aunt’s house she is brought to the world of the Fae, where she meets Nyx. I really loved Nyx and his steel wings. Actually the description of his wings was my favorite aspect of Dark Fae. I think this book has the potential to be a 5 star story for me. I loved the set up and I love the idea of mates and fae are some of my favorite creatures. But at 81 pages long,this book was simply too short to have the kind of development I was looking for. Everything felt too rushed and too fast. I felt like Tessa and Nxy met, and then they were obsessed with each other, and then the book ended. I wanted more. Lillian Cartier is clearly a really great writer and I can’t wait to read some of her full length stories, but this one was just too rushed for me to really believe their connection.

If you love fae noevllas and don’t mind short fast paced stories, Dark Fae is one that you will want to check out. And further, the skeleton key series is one that I would recommend to all fans of fantasy and magic stories. I think you will be hard pressed to not find at least one of the books that appeals to you. I particularly love that there are a mix of age groups in the series. Something for fans of clean YA and adult alike. Royal Enchantment by Lia Davis is still my favorite read in the series, but I am excited because I think I will love Lillian Cartier’s full length books. And it is exciting to me to discover a new author.




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