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Today I am super excited to partner with Disney Book group to share an awesome Meg themed giveaway, in honor of the release of the 11th book in the A Twisted Tale series, Go the Distance! The best-selling A Twisted Tale series is an anthology Young Adult series from Disney Books that puts a twist on your favorite Disney stories. This Hercules re-imagining asks the question: what if Megara had to become a Greek god?

{Review+Giveaway} Go The Distance by @JenCalonita @disneybooks #TwistedTaleGo the Distance by Jen Calonita
Pages: 336
Published by Disney-Hyperion on April 6, 2021
Series: A Twisted Tale #11
Source: Finished Hardcover from Publisher

What if Meg had to become a god?

After Hercules proves he's a true hero and regains his godship, all seems right in the world. That is, until Zeus tells Meg that she can't be with Hercules because she's, well, mortal. Luckily, Hera has a solution, offering Meg a chance to prove herself worthy of a spot on Mt. Olympus--as a god. All Meg has to do is complete a mysterious quest.

The mission? Oh, just to rescue her ex's current wife from the Underworld. The ex-boyfriend she saved by selling her soul to Hades. The ex-boyfriend who immediately moved on to someone else while she was stuck in the Underworld. Can Meg put her past behind her and use her quick-wit to defeat monsters and gods alike, including the nefarious Hades? Will she finally figure out her place and contribution to the world? Or will her fear of commitment have her running away from an eternity of godhood with Herc?

Written by the author of Mirror, Mirror and Conceal, Don't Feel, Jen Calonita's latest twist is sure to delight and surprise.

Also in this series: Conceal, Don't Feel, So This is Love, Unbirthday
YA Review My Thoughts

Go the Distance is the 11th book in the young adult A Twisted Tale series. This twisted tale is written by author Jen Calonita. by now, I think you all know I am such a huge fan of the twisted tales series because not only do I love classic Disney stories, but I also love re-tellings/re-imaginings. This series combines those two loves in a really cool way. Each of the books in the series is a complete standalone and it takes a different Disney tale and puts a twist on the classic story that we all know. This Hercules re-imagining asks the question: what if Megara had to become a Greek god? Hercules was my favorite Disney movie growing up, so as soon as I saw this from an author favorite of mine, I was doubly in! And Jen Calonita did not disappoint. Go the Distance is my favorite A Twisted Tale story yet! I just loved it!

In Go the Distance we get to check in with our favorites Hercules and Meg. I was super excited to see my favorite Wonder boy again. In Go the Distance, Hercules and Meg are living happily ever after until Zeus butts in and tells them they can’t be together because Meg is not a god. They give her a task to complete to prove to the gods she is worthy of attaining god-hood and being with Herc. Go the Distance is a quest style story where Meg gets to prove her worth by going on a quest back to the underworld. Hera tasks her with rescuing her ex boyfriend’s wife. (remember him from the movie?) I really loved that Meg got a chance to shine in Go the Distance. I always liked her form the movie, because I appreciated her sass and her heart, but I loved her in Go the Distance. She is just as spunky, fiery, stubborn and determined as I remembered. Personally, I wouldn’t have her any other way. Phil and Pegasus join Meg on her quest to the underworld and the whole thing was a blast! I really enjoyed every roadblock.

Go the Distance is the perfect continuation to the Hercules movie. Honestly, I would love to see this twisted tale turned into an animated movie. I think it would be perfect! Some of the books in the A Twisted Tale series are pretty dark, and while this one does deal with death and underworld, which is not all sunshine and rainbows, Go the Distance is great for younger readers of YA as well as older fans. This was an easy and breezy read that I really enjoyed. I think it is perfect for fans of Hercules who are looking for a book that could easily be a sequel to the movie.


A Twisted Tale Series

The best-selling A Twisted Tale series is an anthology Young Adult series from Disney Books that puts a twist on your favorite Disney stories.

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Jen Calonita is the author of the award-winning Secrets of My Hollywood Life and Fairy Tale Reform School series. She lives in New York with her husband, two boys, and two chihuahuas named Captain Jack Sparrow and Ben Kenobi. A huge Disney fan, Jen dreams of moving the whole family into Cinderella’s castle at Walt Disney World.

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    My favorite fairy tale is Rumpelstiltskin. It’s kind of scary and really drives home the lesson of consequences to your actions.

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