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June 1, 2020 Giveaways, Young Adult 26

I am so excited to present a very special giveaway in partnership with Disney Books! This summer, the next book in the Disney Villains series is releasing and I am super pumped for it! Are you ready to find out Cruella’s backstory?? I am!

Can’t wait? Enter NOW for a chance to win a NARS “Cruella” lipstick plus the two most recent VILLAINS releases: The Odd Sisters and Mother Knows Best. You can enter the giveaway at the bottom of the post, but before you do, check out some information on Cruella De Vil’s story as well as summaries for the two latest releases that you can snag a copy of for yourself in the giveaway! Let me know your favorite villain in the comments below!

EVIL THING by Serena Valentino

In Stores July 7, 2020

The darkly captivating seventh novel in the popular Villains series follows the rise and fall of the deranged and glamorous fan favorite, Cruella De Vil. If it doesn’t scare you, no evil thing will…

Never before have we gotten Cruella’s perspective on the story of 101 Dalmatians. Evil Thing reframes the classic tale from her point of view, as a darkly funny, maniacally mean memoir. Readers who crave twisted origins will love this wickedly dark tale, and new readers will find this novel an enticing entry point to the rest of the series.


Cruella De Vil is the perfect villain: stylish, witty, relentless…and possibly cursed.

From her lonely childhood, to her iconic fashion choices, to that fateful car crash (you know the one), Cruella tells all in this marvelous memoir of a woman doomed. Even the cruelest villains have best friends, true loves, and daring dreams. Now it’s Cruella’s turn to share hers.

This latest novel by the author of the wildly popular and darkly fascinating Villains series brings readers a tale told by the Evil Thing herself. A tale of the complicated bonds of female friendship, of mothers and daughters, and of burning, destructive desire.

After all, nothing is as simple as black and white.

Series by Serena Valentino
Recommended for ages 9+

About the Series

THE VILLAINS SERIES by Serena Valentino
Where most Disney Classic titles appeal to younger readers, Serena Valentino’s darkly twisted Villains series is perfect for upper middle-grade, YA, and even adult audiences. Readers who crave twisted origins will love these wickedly dark tales about classic Disney villains.

Series Order:

1. Fairest of All: A Tale of the Wicked Queen
2. The Beast Within: A Tale of Beauty’s Prince
3. Poor Unfortunate Soul: A Tale of the Sea Witch
4. Mistress of all Evil: A Tale of the Dark Fairy
5. Mother Knows Best: A Tale of the Old Witch
6. The Odd Sisters: A Tale of the Three Witches
7. Evil Thing: newest release coming July 7, 2020!

Visit the official site for more information!


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Here is more information on the two books you can win by entering the giveaway below!

{#Giveaway}  DISNEY, BUT DARK: THE VILLAINS SERIES by @SerenaValentino @DisneyBooks #DisneyVillainsBooksMother Knows Best: A Tale of the Old Witch by Serena Valentino
Pages: 390
Published by Disney Press

The tale of the legendary golden flower is widely known. The story has been told many times and in many ways. But always the flower is coveted by an old witch to keep herself young and beautiful. And always the flower is used to save a dying queen, who then gives birth to a princess with magical hair. Not willing to lose the flower, the old witch steals the princess and locks her away in a high tower, raising her as her own. But the princess always finds out who she truly is and manages to defeat the old witch.

And yet this is only half the story. So what of the old witch, Mother Gothel? Where does she come from? And how does she come across the magical golden flower? Here is one account that recounts a version of the story that has remained untold for centuries . . . until now. It is a tale of mothers and daughters, of youth and dark magic. It is a tale of the old witch.

{#Giveaway}  DISNEY, BUT DARK: THE VILLAINS SERIES by @SerenaValentino @DisneyBooks #DisneyVillainsBooksThe Odd Sisters: A Tale of the Three Witches (Villains #6) by Serena Valentino
Pages: 274
Published by Disney-Hyperion on July 2, 2019

Throughout the Villains series, the Odd Sisters have meddled in the lives of the Wicked Queen, The Beast, Ursula, Maleficent, and Mother Gothel, changing the course of fate for the greatest villains ever known. Now, it's time for their reckoning.

This latest novel by the author of the wildly popular Villains series goes deeper into the lives of the twisted, diabolical Odd Sisters, finally revealing the dark truth about who they are and where they're from. The Odd Sisters will appeal to fans who can't get enough of the mischievous sisters, as well as draw new readers to Serena Valentino's darkly fascinating take on the Disney Villains.



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Enter NOW for a chance to win a NARS “Cruella” lipstick plus the two most recent VILLAINS releases: The Odd Sisters and Mother Knows Best.

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About Serena Valentino

Serena Valentino has been weaving tales that combine mythos and guile for the past decade. She has earned critical acclaim in both the comic and horror domains, where she is known for her unique style of storytelling, bringing her readers into exquisitely frightening worlds filled with terror, beauty, and extraordinary protagonists. The books in her best-selling Villains series are best enjoyed when read in the following order: Fairest of All, The Beast Within, Poor Unfortunate Soul, Mistress of All Evil, Mother Knows Best, Odd Sisters, and Evil Thing.

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  1. ShootingStarsMag

    Ooh I love Disney villains. My favorite though? Hmm…I like Scar from The Lion King, and Jafar from Aladdin, and apparently my two favorites have rhyming names. LOL


  2. KariLorr

    My favorite is Ursula. She really scared me when I was a kid, but now I just love her outrageousness.

  3. Brandy Graham

    My favorite Villian would probably be Mother Gothel from “Tangled”. She was pretty evil!

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