{Review} Wild Hearts by Jessica Burkhart @bloomsburykids

August 14, 2015 Reviews, Young Adult 2 ★★★½

{Review} Wild Hearts by Jessica Burkhart @bloomsburykidsWild Hearts by Jessica Burkhart
Pages: 368
Published by Bloomsbury USA Childrens on May 5, 2015
Series: If Only Series #4
Genres: Young Adult, contemporary, Romance
Source: Paperback ARC from Publisher

Enjoy Wild Hearts and the other standalone titles in Bloomsbury's contemporary If Only romance line centered around an impossible problem: you always want what you can't have!

Brie Carter's father's land development business has taken her family all over the world, but as soon as they arrive at their new home in Lost Spring, Wyoming, the town turns out to protest. They don't want a new hotel if the resident mustang population will be displaced or hurt as part of the deal. Then Brie meets Logan, a gorgeous local who has a special connection to the mustangs, and she is immediately drawn to him . . . and the horses.

However, with Logan's father leading the protests and Brie's father refusing to budge, it's clear that their parents are heading towards an all-out war. Can Brie and Logan find a way to save the mustangs and be together? Or is their love doomed from the start?

This new title in the If Only line is the perfect summer read and proves that love flourishes in the wildest places!

Also in this series: Wish You Were Italian
YA Review My Thoughts

Wild Hearts is the fourth standalone title in Bloomsbury’s young adult contemporary “If Only” romance line centered around an impossible problem: you always want what you can’t have! Each of the books has a cute if only sentence, and Wild Hearts’ is “If Only…their fathers didn’t hate each other.” Brie’s father is a land developer and he is hired to create a new hotel in a small rural town…where wild mustangs run. I bet you can guess that the town is not too happy with that. And cue, Logan’s father being the mad ranch hand. Along with the rest of the towns people. 

I thought Wild Hearts was a very cute little romance. It was very light hearted and a read that will make you feel good. For being an irate town of protesters, I thought that Logan was actually very welcoming. Maybe a little too welcoming, if that makes any sense. My only snag with Wild Hearts was that most of the town was so nice and understanding. Which normally, I would love. But these people hated Brie’s father, they were protesting on their front yard the first night they were there, but the sheriff told them to stop and they all backed off. I would have thought that if the community was as small as it seemed that the sheriff would be on the side of the townspeople, but everyone seemed so logical. At one point Logan was like, well your dad has all the proper permits so there isn’t really anything we can do. WTF? haha it just seemed bizarre for a teenage boy that was so connected with the horses to act so calm and rational about everything.

But I suppose if my only hang up on the story was that everyone in the town was too nice, I guess that isn’t really a bad thing. It was just a little surprising how quickly Logan took to Brie because I would have thought he would have really disliked her. At least at first. But Logan and Brie were super cute together. I loved watching them with the horses. Wild Hearts was just a whole lot of fun. I have read a couple of the books in the If Only story line, and they are true standalones. I wouldn’t even call If Only a series. It is just a line of books, by different authors that center around the theme that you want what you can’t have. Which is the perfect thing for young adult books. There are so many ways authors can go with it. And Wild Hearts was a great take on the If Only line. A cute read for any time of the year.

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  1. Margaret Appel

    Wild Hearts sounds like a wonderful read, I like the “If Only” line. I can understand people not wanting their town ruined by commercialism at the cost of losing their wild horses. Looking forward to this one!

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