{Flashback Review+New Giveaway} Best Kind of Broken by @ChelseaFine @InkSlingerPR

January 17, 2015 Giveaways, New Adult, Reviews 2 ★★★★½

{Flashback Review+New Giveaway} Best Kind of Broken by @ChelseaFine @InkSlingerPR

{Flashback Review+New Giveaway} Best Kind of Broken by @ChelseaFine @InkSlingerPRBest Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine
Pages: 352
Published by Grand Central Publishing on March 4th 2014
Genres: contemporary, Fiction, New Adult, Romance


Pixie Marshall wishes every day she could turn back time and fix the past. But she can't. And the damage is done. She's hoping that a summer of free room and board working with her aunt at the Willow Inn will help her forget. Except there's a problem: the resident handyman is none other than Levi Andrews. The handsome quarterback was once her friend-and maybe more--until everything changed in a life-shattering instant. She was hoping to avoid him, possibly forever. Now he's right down the hall and stirring up feelings Pixie thought she'd long buried . . .

Levi can't believe he's living with the one person who holds all his painful memories. More than anything he wants to make things right, but a simple "sorry" won't suffice--not when the tragedy that scarred them was his fault. Levi knows Pixie's better off without him, but every part of him screams to touch her, protect her, wrap her in his arms, and kiss away the pain. Yet even though she's so close, Pixie's heart seems more unreachable than ever. Seeing those stunning green eyes again has made one thing perfectly clear--he can't live without her.


"By turns humorous and heartbreaking, Best Kind Of Broken has become one of my favorites!"
--- CORA CARMACKNew York Times bestselling author of Losing It.

"You'll fall for Pixie and Levi, just like I did!"
--- JENNIFER L. ARMENTROUT (J. Lynn), #1 New York Times bestselling author of Wait For You

"Tangled with friendship, history and heartbreak--not to mention a huge dose of
humor--Chelsea Fine's New Adult novel is not to be missed! Beyond an
incredibly HOT read, Pixie and Levi's longing for each other will have
you rooting for them till the very end."
--- JAY CROWNOVERNew York Times bestselling author of Rule

"This book destroyed me. Tore me into little tiny pieces. But somehow with
lots of laughs and some very steamy times, Chelsea put me back together
again! Chelsea Fine's style is witty, visceral and fresh. All I wanted
to do was crawl inside this book and live with the characters. And now
all I want is MORE."
--- CHELSEA M. CAMERONNew York Times bestselling author of My Favorite Mistake

"Sandwiched between laugh out loud moments and some serious heat, Best Kind of Broken is an unforgettable story of loss and forgiveness that will leave your heart aching."
--- LISA DESROCHERSUSA Today bestselling author of A Little Too Far


I think by now, you guys all know how much I love the Finding Fate Series by Chelsea Fine! It is the only series that had all three books make my my favorites list of 2014, and I am not the only one that thinks so. So many people love this book that it is being released in paperback! So leading up to its’ paperback release, InkslingerPR is hosting a flashback tour to share some of the reviews from people that really loved Best Kind of Broken and I am super excited to be a part of it.

If you have not read the finding fate series by Chelsea Fine yet, you need to. I have not met or talked to a single person that has read these books and not absolutely loved them.

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My Thoughts
March has been the month of epic contemporaries for me so far. Best Kind of Broken is emotional and sad and completely beautiful. It is a story of tragedy and guilt, healing and love. But the love comes very slowly. There is no insta love in this book. In fact if you are anything like me you will be smacking Pixie and Levi in your head over and over again just telling them to open their eyes and go to each other already! It is so easy to see their chemistry. But their past has kept them apart. And a huge part of the story is just figuring out what exactly happened to them in the past. I loved the set up of the book. It was split between Pixie and Levi’s point of views, with some flashes into their past scattered throughout to help you get an even deeper understanding of the two of them.

Pixie and Levi are both so sad and bogged down with over something that has happened in the past. It takes a good bit of the book to figure out just what that something is, but right away there is this big past hinted at. And you know it must have been something big because it puts both of them completely on edge around the other one. But even though there is this big unspoken thing sitting between them, it is so easy to see their chemistry. The book takes place at Pixie’s aunt inn, where Pixie is working for the summer and Levi is the live in handiman. They stay in rooms next to each other so they can’t avoid each other for long. I loved watching them each push the other’s buttons. When Levi uses all the hot water on Pixie, she in turn retaliates by plugging in all of her appliances and shutting off his power while he is in the middle of shaving. The two of them just cracked me up.

Pixie has a boyfriend when the story starts out, but she just never seemed like she was into him. I felt kind of bad for him because he seemed like a decent enough guy but he got the short end of the stick.( He isn’t in the book too much though, so you won’t feel too bad for him.)I did like seeing Levi’s reaction to him though. I just like seeing a guy get slightly protective and jealous- as long as they don’t over do it. On Levi, jealous looked pretty hot.

Best Kind of Broken is the perfect new adult novel. It has plenty of unresolved sexual tension, a great and steamy romance, fantastic fleshed out characters, and a moving plot. You will laugh, you will be sad, you will be happy. This was my first book by Chelsea Fine, but I am super impressed. I loved her writing. I can’t wait for the next book in the Finding Fate series and I am going to check out her other books pronto.
blue4.5You can check out my interview with Chelsea Fine HERE

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About Chelsea Fine

Chelsea lives in Phoenix, Arizona, where she spends most of her time writing stories, painting murals, and avoiding housework at all costs. She’s ridiculously bad at doing dishes and claims to be allergic to laundry. Her obsessions include: superheroes, coffee, sleeping-in, and crazy socks. She lives with her husband and two children, who graciously tolerate her inability to resist teenage drama on TV and her complete lack of skill in the kitchen.

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