{Review+Giveaway} Normal is the Watchword by Jasmine Tru

July 31, 2014 Giveaways, Reviews, Young Adult 13 ★★★

{Review+Giveaway} Normal is the Watchword by Jasmine TruNormal is the Watchword by Jasmine Tru
Pages: 247
Published by Smashwords on June 10, 2014
Series: The Watchword Series #1
Genres: Love & Romance, Occult & Supernatural, Thriller, Young Adult
Source: ecopy from Author

Juniper has been on the edge of social circles all her life, skirting the line between being a normal teenage girl and all an all-too-aware young adult. Always armed with a camera, Juni expresses herself through her photos, with her current favorite subjects being Carrie, her best friend, and Darius, a mysteriously charming boy on the soccer team.

When she accidentally stumbles across something that wasn't meant to be photographed, her once somewhat normal life is suddenly ripped from her. Now, fitting in with the crowd is a matter of survival.

And when Carrie goes missing, Juni turns to Darius for help. But as they grow closer, a bigger mystery starts to unfold - one involving conspiracy, the paranormal, and an impending war for the souls of everyone she loves.

YA Review My Thoughts

Normal is the Watchword is the first book in a new series from Jasmine Tru called the Watchword series. Right off the bat I was drawn to the beautiful and vivid cover. The story started off pretty interesting. We are dropped into the life of Juniper, or Juni who is trying to complete her senior photography project to win a scholarship to college. I really liked the start of the story. It was very every day life writing. It helped me get to know the characters well and get a feel for their friendships and relationships. The book took a while to get going into the main storyline, but once that part of the book got started, everything seemed to happen at lightning speed.

Juni is out taking pictures for her project one day, and she witnesses as murder. Throw in a mysterious guy at school, with lots of secrets of his own and a kidnapped best friend and you have quite the exciting story on your hands. I enjoyed Normal is the Watchword. I liked Juni a lot and I liked Darius enough. I wish that the interaction and relationship between the two of them was a bit more fleshed out. It all happened kind of quickly because of the pace of the events, but Juni seemed to accept some pretty crazy explanations from him very easily. I guess there was “crazy” happening all around her, which made the explanations easier to swallow.

The plot of Normal is the Watchword was interesting and very fast paced. If you like books that have lots of action, intrigue and suspense. I thought it was a good start to the series, and I am interested in seeing what will happen next. I wish there was a little bit more detail woven into the characters and storyline. At parts, it felt a bit rushed to me, but I think that fast pace will appeal to some of the younger YA audience looking for a faster read. If you like angel and paranormal reads with lots of action, The Normal series is worth checking out.




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About Jasmine Tru

Jasmine Tru has been in love with the written word since she was a child. Growing up with a love of storytelling, she shamelessly reads and writes about romance, supernatural fantasies, and pretty much anything featuring a woman that kicks butt.

In her humble opinion, the best present entails a bottle of good wine and a great book. But a spa day, flying trapeze class, or a plane ticket to a tropical island with good surfing will work too.

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  1. kindlemom1

    This sounds like it has a lot of promise even if this first book wasn’t perfect. It is hard to resist a good mystery. 😉

  2. diyah nur

    I’ve never read anything from this author before. And thriller isn’t actually my kind of book either. But from your review above, i guess i’m interested as well. Looking forward reading it 🙂

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