{Review} Legendary by L.H. Nicole @LHNicoleauthor @OmnificPub

October 10, 2016 Reviews, Young Adult 3 ★★★½

{Review} Legendary by L.H. Nicole @LHNicoleauthor @OmnificPubLegendary by L.H. Nicole
Pages: 286
Published by Omnific Publishing on February 25, 2014
Series: Legendary Saga #1
Genres: Young Adult, mythology, Romance, Fantasy & Magic
Source: ecopy from Publisher

Aliana Fagan spent her childhood traveling the world, dreaming of legendary heroes and mythical lands. But after the sudden death of her parents, she hides behind the safety of her camera and her art until a vivid recurring dream compels her to dig into her father's research about Avalon and Camelot.

When she is hurled into a magical realm by forces she thought were only the stuff of fairy tales, she finds herself thrown into an adventure she could never have imagined. Nearly everything she thought she knew about Arthurian legend was wrong.

The independent eighteen-year-old is shocked to find that the people of Avalon think that she is the Destined One, the only person who can summon King Arthur back to life from his hidden chamber. Most surprising of all is that it's up to her to lead the Knights of the Round Table on an epic quest-an adventure that will transport them across the seven magic realms to reclaim all that has been lost so they can defeat the evil Mordrid for good.

But first, she must bring the ancient warriors into her world and reunite them with their lost brothers. Chaperoning the legendary knights-with-a-chivalry-complex as they navigate the modern world is a constant challenge, and she certainly never thought she'd be caught between her intense feelings for the noble Sir Galahad and her growing friendship with the King.

To fulfill the prophecy, Aliana will have to discover the meaning of friendship, bravery, loyalty, true love, and forgiveness. But can she do it all in time to save the realms from Mordrid's impending Armageddon?

YA Review My Thoughts

Legendary is the first book in the young adult fantasy, the Legendary Saga by author L.H. Nicole. The Legendary Saga is a tale about King Aurther. I love Arthurian stories, so I knew this one would be right up my alley. I think this series will be perfect for fans of the tv show Merlin. That was the kind of King Arthur tale I was getting while reading Legendary.

Legendary is a quest story. It starts out in the time of King Arthur and we watch the faerie queen put a spell on him to put him to sleep until the destined one can come and awaken him. Then we flash forward a couple hundred years when the destined one stumbles her way into Avalon. Then it becomes her quest to get Arthur’s helpers to get Arther. I love a quest story. For a while I felt like this was just going to be a solo mission, with  Aliana venturing out on her own the whole time. But she is soon joined by Magic (a dragon) and Loyal (sir Galahad). I will warn you now that there is a love triangle. I know you can tell from the summary, but I am reserving judgment as to this triangle because I think it is going to be pretty flippy floppy during the Saga and I don’t know whose side I am on yet.

Something I found very interesting with Legendary is the fact that each of the chapters start off with a little bit of thoughts from various characters in the story. It was a cool way to slip into the different characters heads and see what they were thinking about Aliana. I have never seen that done before and  I really liked it. The book is told from Aliana’s point of view so that was a cool touch.

Bottom line: If you are a fan of King Arthur tales, give the Legendary Saga a try. It starts off with a very classic King Arthur vibe, but as the book goes on there are modern spins thrown in. Some I really dug, some I thought were a bit weird, but overall it worked. I will be continuing this series for the simple fact that L. H. Nicole made me interested in what is going to happen next. If you are a looking for a new King Arthur/prophecy/quest story, try out Legendary and the Legendary Saga.



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  1. danielle hammelef

    I do enjoy King Arthur stories so this will be fun to read for me. I love the TV series Merlin so this sounds really interesting with the modern twists.

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