{ARC Review+Giveaway} Here They Lie by D’Ann Burrow @DKBurrow

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{ARC Review+Giveaway} Here They Lie by D'Ann Burrow @DKBurrow

{ARC Review+Giveaway} Here They Lie by D’Ann Burrow @DKBurrowHere They Lie by D'Ann Burrow
Pages: 272
Published by Three Owl Press on October 5, 2015
Series: The Bloodstone Legacy #1
Genres: New Adult, Romance, Southern Gothic
Source: eARC from Publisher

One town.
Three families.
A secret that refuses to stay buried.
Now the deadly legacy passes to a new generation.

After her aunt's untimely death, Reese Everett is summoned to Devil's Vale, Georgia. Colton Waters is returning home for an entirely different reason. Their lives soon become entangled as a generations-old secret comes to light.

Winner of the 2014 YARWA Rosemary Award for Excellence in New Adult Fiction

NA Review My Thoughts

Here They Lie by D’Ann Burrow is a new adult southern gothic romance. I love these kinds of reads during this time of year. I have a confession to make. Normally I am not a seasonal reader. I will read a “beach read” romance every single day of the year, and same goes for sci fi, fantasy and paranormal. But for some reason, the exception to this is during fall, and more particularly during the month of October. October brings out a desire in me to read creepy, horror books. But my favorite of all are southern Gothic paranormal/magic romances. I want to light a candle and curl up in a warm sweater (with cool weather, please!) and read books just like Here They Lie. The cover practically screams fall/Halloween to me. And the story was great too.

The description of Here They Lie initially reminded me of the Heirs of Watson Island series, with the mention of the three families and a secret that bound them together, plus the whole southern Gothic things, but it is really nothing like that series at all. I loved getting to know Aunt Kate through Reese’s eyes, and I was really into the budding romance between Reese and Colton. I can’t speak too much about the whole secrets aspect because, while we did find out a little bit about it, it was not nearly enough for my liking and it was kind of all crammed into the end of the book. I will have to wait until the next book to dive into that part of the story.

Here They Lie was a really good book to set the stage and meet the characters. It read more like a romance to me, which I really enjoyed. I would have also liked a little more time spent on the family secrets, and why some people in the families seemed to know about them and why others did not. That didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, but I am thinking there will be more clarity on that question and dozens of other questions I have surrounding the families. I will definitely be continuing this series because it has been ages since I have found a good pure magic story, without a paranormal element. So even though I do wish we got some more answers throughout the story, the basis of the plot is more than enough to keep me interested. I really like Reese and the plot is  intriguing.

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About D’Ann Burrow

D’Ann Burrow once told her preschool teacher she wanted to be a witch when she grew up. That simple comment signaled the start of a life-long fondness of things that go bump in the night. As she grew older, she could most often be found with her nose buried in a book, and she was especially fond of the Nancy Drew series as well as anything by Christopher Pike or Stephen King. Occasionally she’d take a trip to the world of the classics where The Scarlet Pimpernel and A Little Princess reigned among her favorites. She’s lost count of the times she’s read Little Women.

Today, D’Ann enjoys the world of Supernatural, stories about guys with fangs, and she’s seldom met a disaster film she hasn’t liked. When she grows up, she’d like to work at the Haunted Mansion. Until then, watching Ghost Hunters will have to count as research.

D’Ann writes about secrets people keep. Even the bravest heroine or a guy with a heart of gold has a few skeletons in the closet they’d rather not share with the world. When those secrets get out, things get interesting.

A Texas native, she knows making great guacamole is an art form. As a theater mom, she’ll happily chat about Broadway musicals by the hour. Molly and Lizzie, the family furry ones, are frequent stars of her Instagram account.

Michelle @ Book Briefs

11 Responses to “{ARC Review+Giveaway} Here They Lie by D’Ann Burrow @DKBurrow”

  1. Giselle

    I’m not really a seasonal reader at all either. I love creepy books all year and beach reads I read once in a while to chance the pace from all the creepy books haha! I love the sounds of this one – southern gothic is prob my fav genre as it’s normally very atmospheric and eerie! Great review, Michelle!

  2. kindlemom1

    I love love these type of reads this time of year too, actually any time of the year really! And, I really like the cover and synopsis, not to mention your review. 😉

  3. Cathy French

    Watching Ghost Hunters will have to count as research for me as well along with the author.

  4. Victoria

    Thanks for sharing your review. I’m looking forward to checking this one out myself.

  5. Olivia Roach

    Ooh, this is definitely a book I want to read. That cover is so wonderful! Like you, I am someone who is not a seasonal reader, but you did it here! So good on you ^.^

  6. Lauren A.

    This sounds so good! And I love your bio, I’ve also lost count of how many times I’ve read Little Women, haha. It’s my all time favorite classic.

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