{Review} A Delicate Betrayal by Jessaca Willis

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{Review} A Delicate Betrayal by Jessaca WillisA Delicate Betrayal: An Epic Fantasy Romance by Jessaca Willis
Pages: 388
on December 7, 2022
Series: The Cursed Kingdoms of Grimtol #1
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Romance
Source: eARC from Author

Beloved. Betrothed. Betrayed.

When Aenwyn’s magic unleashes a reign of dragons upon the land, she agrees to marry King Everard to atone for the devastation she’s caused.

Queendom proves to be as dissatisfying as their loveless marriage. But soon fate answers her pleas for adventure with a vision of dragon’s fire and a distractingly handsome knight intent on blocking her path.

Sir Darius Graeme can’t let her flee the castle. But nothing will stop Aenwyn from claiming the dragon's heart—and perhaps even the knight’s as well.

Embrace the fate of the gods and buy A Delicate Betrayal now!

**A Delicate Betrayal is the first in a new epic romantic fantasy series with a witchy Viking queen who will either save her kingdom or doom it; a loyal, protective knight duty-bound to serve the crown; and a quest to see who can slay the dragon first. If you enjoy books with dark magic, forbidden love, enemies-to-lovers romance, and epic world-building, then you’ll love this story! A Delicate Betrayal ends on a cliffhanger and is a prequel to the rest of the series.

NA Review My Thoughts

A Delicate Betrayal is the first book in a fantasy romance series by Jessaca Willis. I have read several of Jessaca’s books and A Delicate Betrayal is my favorite book so far! I loved it and I can’t wait for the second book. It has great magic, secrets, a slow burn swoony romance that built to someone wonderful!

In A Delicate Betrayal we meet our main character, Aenwyn, who was rescued from a mysterious island when she was a child and brought up as the Skogan leader’s eldest daughter. When she is married off to a foreign kingdom for a loveless marriage to a cruel king, she accepts because it is just a stepping stone for her to fulfill her true fate. Aenwyn has magic and with that magic she hatched a dragon that has been terroizing villages, and she knows she is the only one who can stop the dragon. When she sets off on her journey, she is joined by the king’s knight- Darius.

I loved Aenwyn and Darius and their adventure. They learned so much about each other, about magic and about their pasts. Secrets were reveals, betrayals were shocking and the twists and turns kept me turning pages late into the night. I loved this book and I am super anxious for the next book after this crazy ending! If you are a fan of fantasy romance featuring dangerous quests and a slow burn swoony romance, then you need to check out A Delicate Betrayal.



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  1. Sheldon Searcy

    Y’all aren’t ready for this. This book is currently (as of today) in super drafting alpha readers only mode, and it’s still so amazing. I’m thinking about it weeks after I’ve finished. BRB while I go binge more Jessaca Willis books while waiting impatiently to hold this one in my goblin hands

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