{Review} Immortal Return by Jessaca Willis

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{Review} Immortal Return by Jessaca WillisImmortal Return by Jessaca Willis
Pages: 420
on May 31, 2021
Series: Primordials of Shadowthorn #3
Genres: Action & Adventure, Dark Fantasy, New Adult
Source: eARC from Author

Mages. Druids. Demons. Primordials.Who will triumph?

The Shadowthorn has lifted. Halira has cured herself of the Blight.

But the battle has only just begun.

In a desperate attempt to save not only the ones she loves, but the entire country, Halira braves the vast ocean to find the mages of Illashore in hopes that they might know how to save Ryven and defeat the Primordial Qaeus.

Humans, mages, and druids will have to set their differences aside if they're to overcome the evil that's upon them, or face the demise of them all.

Immortal Return is the third book in the Primordials of Shadowthorn trilogy, a gothic, high fantasy series about the demon hunters of Arcathain and their mission to reclaim their lands from the Primordial Qaeus. With a strong female lead, epic world-building, Lovecraftian immortal creatures, and a budding romance, this series is perfect for fans of Leigh Bardugo, Elise Kova, Jennifer L. Armentrout, and Cameo Renae.

Join the Shadow Crusade and plunge into this grim, ethereal world!

Also in this series: Blighted Heart
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** Please Note: Immortal Return is the third book in a series that should be read in order. If you are new to this series, you can check out my review of book one here**

Immortal Return is the third and final book in the Primorials of Shadowthorn series by Jessaca Willis. Immortal Return is a strong finish to a great dark fantasy trilogy! I thoroughly enjoyed this series and I can’t wait to read more from this author. If you need a quick recap, in this series we have our main character, Halira, who is a member of the Shadow Crusade, a group of warriors that travel around the realm, slaying every surviving demon (called a Primordial) Halira joined to avenge her parents murder and she will not stop until she has rid the world of them. Halira gets bitten and cursed with Blight along her quest, but once she is cured, her work is still not done. She embarks on a quest to learn how to defeat the Primordial and save Ryven, Halira embarks on a journey across the ocean to Illahshore to ask for assistance from the mages. However, she soon discovers that the world is on the cusp of a war, and unless mages, druids and humans come together and present a solid front against the Primordials, there may be no chance of survival, let alone a victory.
My favorite aspect of this trilogy is the world building. Jessaca Willis has created an ever expanding, complex and completely captivating (sometimes in a terrifying way) world, that I just couldn’t get enough of. The world continues to expand in each of the three installments, and it was so satisfying to see everything come together. I loved learning about the mages, and discovering the answers to some bits of Shadowthorn history that were nagging me in the previous two books. There were a few instances where the plot did drag a bit in the middle of each installment, but overall I found this book and this trilogy to be a captivating journey that I loved reading about. This series is perfect for fans of dark gothic fantasies, and I have to say I loved the way the series concluded. I really enjoyed Immortal Return and the Primordials of Shaowthorn series.


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