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June 5, 2013 Reviews, Young Adult 0 ★★★

Your Guardian Angel by Skyla Madi
Published by Limitless Publishing on December 2012
Series: The Guardian Angel Series #1
Source: ecopy from Author
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Kindle Edition, 235 pages
Published December 2012 by Limitless Publishing
Age Group:YA
Series: The Guardian Angel Series #1
Source: ecopy from Author

For Ruby Moore life is far more complicated than that of your average teen, for she is in no

It has been one year since her normal life was brutally taken from her. Still adjusting to the shock of the change from mortal to immortal, her world is rocked again and she is taken under the wings of a guardian angel back to Sage Sanctum- a school beyond reach from the vampires that are determined to destroy her.

There, she is freed from her vampiric chains and her normal needs and urges return. However a new urge arises… Lust. A forbidden lust toward her savior, her guardian angel.

Attempting to control these desires is difficult, very difficult and when things couldn’t possibly get any worse, her situation becomes life or death as someone, somewhere in the school is aiding those who want her dead.
way average. Ruby is a vampire and her life as a vampire is far from traditional.

What I liked most about Your Guardian Angel was that I didn’t see the main twist, for me anyways, coming at all. I started reading the book and I thought, “huh, I didn’t expect that to happen” and then I kept reading and kind of got used to the idea of “that” happening (“that” equals some important event and is purposely vague for spoiler purposes) and my idea of the book changed as I got more and more comfortable with the idea. Then all of a sudden, boom! another change happens and it threw me for another loop. It took me some more time to get used to the new twist but ultimately I loved the way it all happened. Skyla Madi did a good job keeping the plot interesting throughout the book.

Ruby is put through the ringer in Your Guardian Angel. Sheesh, she really had to deal with a lot, but once she gets to sage academy I felt like the book really started. You get to meet all sorts of new characters. The most important secondary characters being her new best friend, Mila and her guardian angel, Eli. Both relationships happened really quickly and normally snap friendships bug me even more than insta love, because I tend to see a lot of insta love as just infatuation anyways, but friendships should be based on something a little more substantial in my opinion. Now, that being said, I completely loved Mila. She is just a cool girl. She always had Ruby’s back and she is just a genuinely nice person. I wish Ruby had more people like Mila on her side.

Eli was interesting and their “relationship” was interesting. You can probably guess that relationships between guardian angels and goddesses like Ruby is not allowed. And you can also probably guess that they are going to fall in love anyways. I would have liked to see a little more development of why they liked each other, but I did like that it took them awhile before either of them even thought about acting on anything. I also liked the little jealous moments when boys at school noticed Ruby. I guess we will see how this all plays out in the next book because in the first book it was much more Ruby driven and information driven about the world of vampires and goddesses, which I appreciated. I thought that the plot was a little slow in parts, but other than that I really enjoyed the book. I thought it was a great setup for the next book in the series, Sun Kissed.

The ending was a real humdinger though! Man! It was kind of depressing actually. But you know what? I kind of liked that too. Not every book needs a happy ending and this is just the first book in a series, so there is plenty of time for things to turn around and for things to happen. I liked that this ending kind of shook things up. It makes me more interested in reading the second book. If you like young adult books with paranormal creatures in a magical school setting and lots of action and fights, then you should check out this series.

3/5 Gavels

Skyla Madi was born in the small town of Port Maquarie, New South Wales in 1993. She spent half her life growing up in Wauchope, a thriving rural town at the heart of the Hastings River Valley before making the leap to the busy city of Brisbane.

Whenever this young Australian writer isn’t changing diapers, watching cartoons, cooking for her husband or doing other motherly-wife things she is actively working on her writing and improving her writing skills.

Skyla loves to read just as much as she loves to write and since discovering that YA/NA/paranormal romance/urban fantasy/ are her favourite genres, she has embarked on her own writing journey and is currently contracted with Limitless Publishing.


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