{Book Review} Forbidden Territory by Melissa Pearl & Brenda Howson

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Forbidden Territory by Melissa Pearl and Brenda Howson

Paperback258 pages

Published July 1st 2012 by Zealous Design
Age Group: YA
Source: Author
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Summary(from Goodreads):

Mica and Lexy have been best friends and next door neighbours since they were eight years old. They share everything and have no secrets from each other until… Tom arrives on Mica’s doorstep – a gorgeous exchange student from England. And Lexy is smitten.
Suddenly both girls are keeping secrets. Mica is hiding news about Tom’s English girlfriend and Lexy hasn’t got the heart to tell her best friend that her brother Eli, the guy Mica is mad on, thinks of her as only a friend.
After a massive fight, the girls decide the best way to mend their friendship is to spend some quality time together. And what better way than to go camping away from their parents and why not invite along the guys they are crushing on.
So the four teenagers embark on a geo-caching expedition into New Zealand’s native bush expecting a long weekend filled with flirtatious fun; instead secrets are exposed as they stumble across a hidden marijuana crop and its gun-wielding watchmen. Forced apart they spend the next forty-eight hours racing blindly in opposite directions as they fight to find each other before the hunters do.

2012 is the year of great contemporaries! I really, really enjoyed Forbidden Territory. I finished it in one sitting, and I am kind of bummed that it’s only a standalone. I really would love to read more about Mica. And Lexy too, but I think Mica has some real spin off potential. Forbidden Territory is a fast paced, action packed, fun story. I loved the story between the two friends as well as the romances. This is a perfect summer read!

The story is split between Lexy and Mica’s point of view. I liked that the book was set in New Zealand too. I would love to visit there! I really liked reading some of the slang and terms they used too. I loved the split point of view and I think the fact that Melissa and Brenda collaborated in the story really added to it. It read like it really was two different people, Lexy and Mica had very distinct voices and I loved that! I liked both of them but I was a little bit more partial to Mica. And Eli too. I just have this thing for slightly protective guys. There is just something about them.

The action in this story is pretty intense! It kind of reminded me of the movie Without A Paddle. (which is a hilarious movie. You should watch it if you haven’t already) but this was like the teen version of that movie. But with romance thrown in. I liked it! Lexy and Mica were so impressive! They really held it together and kept a cool head. I was so proud of them.

If you are looking for a sweet tale of friendship, romance and more than a little action and adventure, I would recommend checking out Forbidden Territory. It really was a fun read!

update: I just went to upload my review to amazon and they titled the book the Lexy and Mica Series volume 1! I am so excited that this is not a standalone 🙂

4/5 gavels

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Michelle @ Book Briefs

2 Responses to “{Book Review} Forbidden Territory by Melissa Pearl & Brenda Howson”

  1. Michelle @ Book Briefs

    Yea, there are certainly thriller elements to the book. But for some reason while I was reading and even after when I was digesting and writing my review that isn’t how the book struck me. I see it as a contemporary that starts out as a camping trip adventure and turns into something more. But I can def see how another person or maybe even many other people would see this book as a thriller first.

    Thank you for the insight and for commenting 🙂

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