{Audio Book Review+Giveaway} Shifters of Black Isle: The Complete Collection by Lorelei Moone

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{Audio Book Review+Giveaway} Shifters of Black Isle: The Complete Collection by Lorelei Moone

{Audio Book Review+Giveaway} Shifters of Black Isle: The Complete Collection by Lorelei MooneShifters of Black Isle: The Complete Collection by Lorelei Moone
Pages: 634
on September 16, 2019
Genres: adult, Paranormal, Romance
Source: Audiobook from Author

With death lurking at every corner, love becomes more important than ever. The fierce warriors of Black Isle are used to living with the threat of war hanging above their heads at all times. They work hard to survive and celebrate even harder.

Shifters of various types must band together to defeat their numerous enemies, yet they never forget that life and love is precious and to grab happiness wherever they can find it. After all, any given day could be their last.

Claimed by the King
When a young human woman is offered up as a human sacrifice to the mysterious inhabitants of the Black Isles, she assumes she’ll be a slave and life as she knows it will be over. She’s half correct. Her life will change completely, but King Broc, who claims her as his mate, isn’t the brutish captor she expected him to be.

The Soldier and the Siren
The Merfolk are the Isles’ natural enemy; have been for generations. When General Teaq comes across a mermaid inside Black Isle territory, he knows he must capture her. But there’s something about the mysterious woman that gives him pause. Their respective peoples are at war, but hate is the last thing on their minds.

A Dragon’s Treasure
The Isles are on the brink of war, and newly appointed general, Rhea, knows she must summon her secret weapon. The dragon that slumbers underneath the castle is their only hope to defeat the vast numbers of enemy fighters headed to their shores. But dragons are fickle creatures. Will she be able to reason with him and convince him to support her cause?

The Warlock’s Conquest
Ever since Ferris’ sister was taken by the barbarians that live on the Black Isles, he’s been planning his revenge. Years later, he’s finally leading a troop of warriors to liberate her, only to discover that perhaps he’s been on the wrong side of this conflict all along.

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This title is #4 in the Lorelei Moone Collections series.



My Thoughts

The Shifters of Black Isle: Complete Collection is a bind up of the four adult paranormal romance novellas by author Lorelei Moone. The complete set includes Claimed by the King, The Solider and the Siren, A Dragon’s Treasure, and The Warriors Conquest. Each of the stories builds upon the events of the last story, and they are set in the same universe, but they each feature different main characters. I found the collection really interesting because unlike other interconnected standalones, we are continuing a similar plot line throughout all of the four books, so while each of the stories can be read on their own, I would not recommend it because you would be missing out on key information and events of the happenings of Black Isle. I would recommend reading or listening to this books in order.

I enjoyed some of the stories more than others, mainly because I liked some of the characters more than other characters. My favorite aspect of the story is that the plot continued through each of the books so they felt more like a series rather than a set of disjointed standalones. That fact made me want to seamlessly keep listening from one book to the next. But I really do wish that the books were longer to allow for more romance development between the characters, especially for the books that initially met their love interest during the course of their story, like with Kelly and Broc in Claimed by the King. Because to me, the romantic development felt a bit rushed. But if you are a fan of that instant attraction and acting on said attraction, then a novella length romance is going to be perfect because you get fun instant gratification. I also really enjoyed listening to this. I listened on 1.4x speed and it was still very easy for me to understand the narrator.

To give you a brief rundown of the series setup. In this world, we have the mainland where the humans live. The humans have exiled the “giants” to Black Isle and have a treaty with them that they will send one young woman to them every eight years. Unbeknownst to the humans, this treaty is in exchange for Black Isle protecting the mainland from outside threats, like the mer folk.  The series explores forbidden romance and has plenty of action while Black Isle sits poised on the edge of war on multiple fronts. Each of the stories are lightening quick pacing with steamy romances and plenty of action. I think this series is best enjoyed if read in order, and it is perfect for fans looking for quick novella length romances with an interwoven plot.


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