{Review} How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse by K. Eason

November 27, 2020 Reviews, Young Adult 0 ★★★½

{Review} How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse by K. EasonHow Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse by K. Eason
Pages: 416
Published by Daw Books on October 8, 2019
Series: The Thorne Chronicles #1
Genres: Young Adult, Science Fiction, Fairy Tales & Folklore
Source: ecopy from Publisher

First in a duology that reimagines fairy tale tropes within a space opera—The Princess Bride meets Princess Leia.

Rory Thorne is a princess with thirteen fairy blessings, the most important of which is to see through flattery and platitudes. As the eldest daughter, she always imagined she'd inherit her father's throne and govern the interplanetary Thorne Consortium.

Then her father is assassinated, her mother gives birth to a son, and Rory is betrothed to the prince of a distant world.

When Rory arrives in her new home, she uncovers a treacherous plot to unseat her newly betrothed and usurp his throne. An unscrupulous minister has conspired to name himself Regent to the minor (and somewhat foolish) prince. With only her wits and a small team of allies, Rory must outmaneuver the Regent and rescue the prince.

How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse is a feminist reimagining of familiar fairytale tropes and a story of resistance and self-determination—how small acts of rebellion can lead a princess to not just save herself, but change the course of history.

Also in this series: How the Multiverse Got Its Revenge
YA Review My Thoughts

How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse is the first book in the Thorne Chronicles by K. Eason. The Thorn Chronicles is a young adult science fiction series. It is a like a fairytale set in space! I loved the idea of this book, and it was a super fun first installment to the series. I am going to dive into book two immediately after I finish this review, and I can’t wait to continue on and see what is in store for Rory next! The writing is witty and the characters are great, so if those are things you look for in your scifi books, then I think you will really enjoy How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse.

As you may have guessed, our main characters in How Rory Thorne Destroyed the Multiverse is Rory Thorne herself! Rory is a Princess that is set to take the throne next to govern  the interplanetary Thorne Consortium. But then her father is assassinated and she finds herself betrothed to a far away prince. When she meets her soon to be husband she discovers a plot to overthrow him. (is it just me, or does this seem to happen a lot to Rory?) Does this scare Rory off? Not a chance- she jumps right into the fray. I love how gutsy Rory is! Someone described this book as the Princess Bride meets Princess Leia and I think that is the perfect description and combination for Rory! Rory is smart and resourceful, which I greatly admired about her. Watching her think through each situation and assess her next step was something I loved to see in a heroine, and is a quality that I can really relate to.

I loved the technology that was introduced and discussed in this book, including how they used Arithmancy, which is used for all kinds of hacking. I love stories that involve hacking, but Arithmancy felt different in that it can just as easily apply to computers as it can to people, which was super cool. I really enjoyed this story and am super pumped to continue on. This book did feel a bit like a foundational novel and it included a lot of info, sometimes info dumping on the world set up, how things worked, etc. I am hoping that in the next book we have less telling and more showing since we already have a good idea of this world and the ins and outs, history, etc.  I can’t wait to see what is in store for Rory in the next book. I know there are going to be plenty of twists, turns and more political intrigue and problems in store for us next, and I for one and here for it! Bring on book 2!


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