{Review} Get Real by @TellulahDarling

September 28, 2015 New Adult, Reviews 6 ★★★★★

{Review} Get Real by @TellulahDarlingGet Real by Tellulah Darling
Pages: 358
Published by Te Da Media on September 26, 2015
Series: Get Real #1
Genres: New Adult, Paranormal, Romance, Urban Fantasy
Source: eARC from Author

Magic and Mayhem in Manhattan

Francesca Bellafiore comes from a nice Jewish family -- one that happens to have magical powers. Underneath her good-girl exterior, though, she’s a wannabe badass with dreams of becoming a paranormal detective.

Party boy Rafael Muñoz does everything possible to publicly disappoint his high profile father. Privately, it's a different story. His carefully crafted bad boy reputation masks the fact he’s a master illusionist, forced into solo covert ops. The role is wearing thin and Rafael longs to be part of a team.
When Francesca and Rafael meet, it’s love at first sight… For about five minutes. Rafael is spectacularly attractive—and, Francesca discovers, fully aware of the fact. Rafael knows from experience that girls like Francesca are more trouble than they’re worth.

So it sucks big time when they’re caught in a web of magic, minions, secrets, and enough sexual tension to power NYC. Their only chance to save the city and survive is to team up, trust each other–and maybe even fall in love.

Provided they don't kill each other first.

Get Real is a romantic comedy, urban fantasy whirlwind with sass, sex, and swoon.

NA Review My Thoughts

I love Tellulah Darling so much. I am such a big fan of her mythology series, the Blooming Goddess series. But sometimes you never know what to expect when you read something totally different from an author. Get Real is a new adult urban fantasy romance and I am here to say…it was SO. FREAKIN’. GOOD!! This is on my list of top 2015 reads. Get Real is one of those books that made me totally unsociable and rude. I flat out ignored people to keep reading. If you like your paranormals or urban fantasy with a heavy side of romance, Get Real is the perfect book for you.

Get Real puts us in the international world of cads, or people with magical abilities. These abilities generally fall into one of 5 (or 6) categories, with people in each category have particular sub-strengths and gifts. These gifts point them in the direction that their schooling will take place. Get Real is the story of Francesca, a fiery Italian “good girl” that comes from a very prestigious healer family. Only problem is, Frankie doesn’t want to be a healer. She wants to use her ability to manipulate bio matter to become a boiler, a law enforcement field agent. The other side of the equation is Rafael, who has a really cool power (nope not telling) and he just wants to make it on his own, and not his father’s name. Frankie and Rafael have a fiery bantering relationship, which I could just not get enough of. I loved that their romance was front and center throughout Get Real, but at the same time it didn’t compete with the awesome action story that was taking place.

See, Rafael and Frankie get sucked from Europe to New York by some unknown force, right before their induction into adult training. Which leads them into the bulk of the action of the story. I love how fast paced and intense their fight was to figure out what was going on with Minna, the mysterious girl they think is behind it all. Minna reminded me of Jason of the X-men. That should give you some idea of how crazy the book could turn at any moment.

I love the powers aspect of Get Real, but the real star of this book was the clash of personalities between Rafael and Frankie. And their romance of course. I know this may seem kind of strange, but I also really liked that she was Italian and he was Spanish. Normally you only see one accent in a couple, but here we had two! And each one of them thought the other’s accent was cute. It was all totally adorable to me. I cannot say enough good things about Get Real. It has one of the best romances I have seen in a new adult paranormal or fantasy. The storyline is utterly engaging and the writing is perfect. Everyone needs to read this book. Tellulah Darling is a fantastic writer. One of the best books I have read this year.



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6 Responses to “{Review} Get Real by @TellulahDarling”

  1. Valeria @ A Touch of Book Madness

    I’m so glad you enjoyed this book! I too am a huge fan of Tellulah’s Blooming Godess Series, so I preordered this book. I haven’t gotten around to read it yet, because I also had the usual reticence before reading a new book from an author you love, but in a new genre. Your review puts me at ease, and will happily dive into it now.

  2. kindlemom1

    I love the tension filled romances where the characters are always clashing, for some reason they are just so much fun and more often than not make me smile the whole way through. I must buy this one!

  3. Lekeisha

    Oh wow. I’ve been admiring this cover on lots of blogs and failed to read the description. I thought it was a NA Romance, not all of this other super cool stuff. I am definitely going to read this, and it will be my first Darling book. Awesome review!

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