{ #Review } Bittersweet by Sunday James

November 4, 2014 New Adult, Reviews 4 ★★★

{ #Review } Bittersweet by Sunday JamesBittersweet by Sunday James
Pages: 300
Published by Createspace Independent Pub on October 10, 2014
Genres: contemporary, Love & Romance, New Adult, Romance
Source: ecopy from Author

Sparks fly between a sexy stranger and a small-town waitress in this steamy new contemporary romance…

When new teen TV series 'Bittersweet' begins shooting in Dogwood, Virginia, the small town is abuzz with excitement. But local waitress Cathy Johnson has too much on her plate to waste time being star-struck. To Cathy, "bittersweet" is just the word that sums up her love-life after her high school romance ended in disaster. Since then she’s hardly had time to brush her hair, let alone think about relationships. Certainly not the kind being played out in front of the cameras by impossibly beautiful actors posing as teenagers…

But all that changes when tall, dark, blue-eyed stranger Greg Moran arrives in Dogwood along with the 'Bittersweet' cast and crew. Cathy and the devastatingly sexy New Yorker have instant chemistry. But Greg blows hot (STEAMING hot) and cold with her romantically, leaving Cathy’s head in a spin. She has a feeling he’s keeping something from her… If Cathy is willing to drop her emotional walls, why is Greg still so intense and mysterious? What is it in his past – or present – that means he’s keeping Cathy at arm’s length? How badly has his heart really been broken before?

Cathy and Greg are magnetically drawn to one another, but they’ll have to fight to keep their relationship from turning sour. Will they make it? If it’s hard to let go of the past, falling in love can be BITTERSWEET…

Note: This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
NA Review My Thoughts

Bittersweet is a standalone New Adult contemporary Romance from Sunday James. It was an interesting read. At times I felt like there was too much going on for me to really start loving the story, but I did end up liking the overall flow of the storyline. It was a quick read that worked well as a standalone. I loved the small town setting. The writing was very atmospheric and rich with detail. The setting and the quaint feelings that the descriptions of the town of dogwood evoked were my favorite part of Bittersweet.

Cathy was great. I liked how wonderful she was to her dad and brother, and I loved that she loved her town so much. Sure, she had plans to get out and go away to college, but her father’s health kept her in town and kept her helping out the family business. I liked Greg well enough, but Cathy was the real star of the book for me. I don’t know if I just related to her more, or if it was because the book was told entirely by her point of view. I also really liked Cathy’s best friend and roommate, Max. That girl is a true friend. And feisty as heck! She needs her own story.

Greg was a nice guy. He actually had these moments of such sweetness. I loved the start of the story, when he kept seeing all these things Cathy and him had in common, and he was almost in disbelief. He would say things to that effect and get so embarrassed. It was super cute. But my problem with Greg was that he held his cards so close to his chest all the time. I could never tell where his head was at. He was hot and then cold. And when he was cold or angry he was very angry. And that extreme anger never really got addressed the way I wanted it to. We did learn some things about him and his past, I just felt like we 90% of the way with him and didn’t get a chance to connect that last little 10%.

I liked the tv filming aspect of the story too. It was cool to see the way filming was done on a location, and the whole Bethany aspect added intrigue to the story. Bittersweet will appeal to fans of standalone contemporary romances. It is an interesting story that you can knock out in one afternoon, and while I had a few issues with it, I did enjoy Bittersweet. Fans of small town atmospheres will love Dogwood.



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About Sunday James

Sunday James is the pen name of author Sareeta Domingo, when writing the New Adult contemporary romance series that begins with BITTERSWEET. She lives in London and works as an editor at creative book packager Hothouse Fiction, squeezing writing into her mornings, evenings and weekends – but promises she has a life…

She loves all things American – literature, history, popular culture – so much so that she even lived and studied in California, but somehow missed out on being swept off her feet by a devastatingly handsome but mysterious actor while she was there. Luckily, writing BITTERSWEET has allowed her to live that dream.

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  1. Lily B

    Yea I feel sometimes if there is just too much going on it can make your head spin and really drag away from the main plot line. Glad you still enjoyed it in the end regardless.

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