{Review} Kiss the Sky by Krista & Becca Ritchie

April 26, 2014 New Adult, Reviews 7 ★★★★★

{Review} Kiss the Sky by Krista & Becca RitchieKiss the Sky by Becca & Krista Ritchie
Pages: 443
Published by Createspace Independent Pub on January 24, 2014
Series: , Addicted Series #2.1
Genres: contemporary, New Adult, Romance
Source: ecopy from Author

Virgin. Sex addict. Daredevil. Alcoholic. Smartass … Jackass. Her five friends are about to be filmed. Reality TV, be prepared. 

Rose Calloway thought she had everything under control. At twenty-three, she’s a Princeton graduate, an Academic Bowl champion, a fashion designer and the daughter of a Fortune 500 mogul. But with a sex addict as a sister and roommate, nothing comes easy. 

After accepting help from a producer, Rose agrees to have her life filmed for a reality television show. The Hollywood exec is her last chance to revive her struggling fashion line, and boundaries begin to blur as she’s forced to make nice with a man who always has his way. 

Twenty-four-year-old Connor Cobalt is a guy who bulldozes weak men. He’s confident, smart-as-hell and lives with his equally ambitious girlfriend, Rose Calloway. Connor has to find a way to protect Rose without ruining the show. Or else the producer will get what Connor has always wanted—Rose’s virginity.

This New Adult Romance can be described as Friends meets The Real World. Expect fist fights, drugs, sex of varying degrees, crude humor and competitive alpha males. Definitely for mature readers audiences only.

Note: This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.

NA ReviewMy Thoughts Wow, I need to get my hands on the Addicted Series right now. While I don’t think anyone can top Conner and Rose for me, I also grew to love Lily and Lo in this book. Ryke too! So I can’t wait to read all of their stories. Conner and Rose are IT for me though. I just can’t get enough of them. I don’t even know where to start with everything that I loved about them and this book. I loved Rose and Conner individually, and their dynamic together. I am crazy about the writing, and the plot. All of it is just so smart and witty. Let me put it this way- not only is Kiss the Sky going on my favorites list of 2014. It is one of my favorite books OF. ALL. TIME.

Rose is the oldest Calloway sister and I just lurve her. She is such a strong and smart woman. She will not hesitate to kick a guy in the balls if he annoys her both figuratively and literally. I love how strong and determined she is, but for me her most interesting aspect was in her fragilities. The things that she was scared of; the things that she worked so hard to conceal about herself. Everyone labeled her as the “witch” in the group, but to me she was anything but that. I loved all of her inconsistencies. And the only thing I loved more than Rose was Conner. Conner and Rose really get each other. Better than any one else on the planet. The book is told through both of their point of views, and to see how spot on they were with how the other was acting or feeling was a bit scary at times. It was incredible really.

Conner is the perfect guy for me, scratch that- I completely meant Rose. He is the perfect guy for Rose. I loved how protective he was of her, and how much he respected her. I thought they were hilarious and wonderful together. I loved all of their text games, and I loved how they challenged each other. Conner just demands respect and attention, and that is completely hot of him. I couldn’t get enough Conner. Everything about him just works for me. I want him all to myself all the time. I would be happy to fight with him and make up with him. Anything he wants. He is exactly the kind of Alpha that I like.

I am a bit of a reality show junkie, so I enjoyed that the setting of Kiss the Sky was during the filming of a reality show. I thought it was pretty cool how we got to see some of the editing of the show by production. I wish Rose would have kicked Scott a few times, maybe maimed up his face a bit. I hate him so much, and I was so beyond happy to see how strong Rose and Conner remained as a couple throughout the book, no matter what Scott did. Even though Rose and Conner stole the show for me, I can’t wait to read the Addicted series and Lily and Lo’s story. Kiss the Sky can be read as a complete standalone but technically, Lily and Lo’s story in the addicted series happened first. I am going to read every single one of the other books because Krista and Becca Ritchie have so thoroughly impressed me with their writing, their characters and their sheer talent for telling a story. They have made me an instant mega fan of theirs. I must read everything they have written.

Bottom Line: If you have not read Kiss the Sky yet, YOU NEED TO. Right away. Heck, I think you should put down whatever book you are reading at the moment and pick up Kiss the Sky. You will thank me for it. And then come find me and we can gush about Conner. blue5

About Becca & Krista Ritchie

Becca Ritchie claims she’s from Mystic Falls, but really, she lives in Atlanta where humidity is her greatest foe. She loves comic books, blue nail polish and Jonathan Taylor Thomas circa 1995. She frequents Twitter to dish about too many TV shows, and when she’s not blogging, she writes novels and has teamed up with her twin sister to collaborate on a New Adult series.

Krista Ritchie has a clone…or someone who looks exactly like her. If she’s not writing books with her twin sister, she’s pouring over entertainment news and ingesting copious amounts of pop culture. She likes tennis, that thing called the TV, and beating Becca (her clone) on Sega Genesis.

Krista & Becca Ritchie write New Adult books that make you cringe, gasp, and go ooh-la-la. (If you do that sort of thing.) They are currently working on the spin-offs and final books in the Addicted series. Connect with them on twitter and their website: kbritchie.com

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    YAY! I agree with EVERYTHING you said. And yes, get on the Addicted series STAT. I want to read Hothouse Flower so bad, but I want to read Addicted for Now first. I’m so happy you loved this too.

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