#WWreadathon Day 1

October 21, 2011 Read-A-Thon, Reading Challenge, update 5


 This is where I will be posting my end of day updates as well as all the challenges I am participating in during the day. Hopefully, having only one post will not clutter up the readers too much.

Creep me out challenge- hosted by Kindle Fever

What would creep me out the most is family pets becoming evil/possessed and killing off everyone in the family. Or things coming out of my mirrors in my bedroom at night. Both would creep me out a ton!

Book title sentence Challenge. – Hosted by Lovely Lit

Mine is kind of creepy!

Someone like you marked the faerie ring, outside, in blood

Day 1 reading summary: 

Books read: 1 (Last call)
Pages read: 291
total books read: 1
total pages read: 301
Today #in6words: twitter distracted me more than I liked.

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Michelle @ Book Briefs

5 Responses to “#WWreadathon Day 1”

  1. Fireflywishes

    Wow, that sentence you made for the challenge is CREEPTASTIC! And yes, I agree with you that if a family pet or beloved animal became possessed and did horrible things that would scare me to death!

    Thanks so much for participating – as a reader and a host! You Rock! Happy Reading 😀
    April @ My Shelf Confessions

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