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February 24, 2017 Giveaways 38

I have come such a long way in the past 6 years. When I started back in 2011 I was in my first year of law school. Since then I have graduated, passed the bar exam and I have been an attorney for 3 years already. (That is still kind of crazy to me.) I found a job that I love, and my blog has been there with me every step of the way.

When I first started my blog, I had no idea about indie or self published authors, and in the past 6 years I have discovered some of my favorite authors were indies! I have made so many great friends in bloggers and authors, and I want to share some of it with you.

I never thought that anyone would read and follow my blog, let alone over 19,000 of you! The fact that I have that many followers continually blows my mind.

One of my favorite parts about blogging is finding new authors, and new blogs, so I am going to ask for recommendations from you guys! Please leave a comment with a new author and/or blog that I should check out! (or 5!)

I’m not going to bore you with facts and figures about my blog. I am just going to say this, my blog has been a labor of love. I have worked so hard on maintaining it and reading and providing the best honest reviews that I can. I am so proud of how far this blog has come. I love how many books and reviews I have shared with you guys (almost 1,300 book reviews!!!) and how many giveaways I was able to provide.   I love each and every commenter, blogger, publisher and author that I have met through Book Briefs, and I can’t wait to meet so many more!


Thank you all!



One of my new loves this year has been Instagram. I have been really really enjoying taking bookish pictures, and to celebrate my blogoversary, I will be having a couple additional giveaways, just on my Instagram channel this next week. So be sure to head over there to check them out!

I would love it if you gave me a follow on Instagram. The book community is awesome over there too! 🙂

Ok now on to the giveaway! I have lots of books to giveaway from some of my favorite authors that I have found through my blogging journey.

A HUGE thank you to these authors and publishers for providing the books for giveaway. They have always been so good to me, and each and every one of their books are awesome! I hope you will love them just as much as I did!

There will be 17 winners!! That is the most I have ever had in one giveaway!

Grand Prize:

 I really do love you guys so much, and to show my love I will be buying one (1) grand prize winner $25 USD in books! Open Internationally (if US, the winner can pick as many books as they can for $25 from Amazon, and if INT the winner can pick from Book Depository)


*winner will send me names and titles of as many books as they want. Total of books must be $25USD or less*

Book Briefs Box of Books:

Three (3) winners will each get to choose 5 books from the picture below! (US only)

Jennifer Anne Davis:

2 winners will each get a SIGNED copy of Cage of Deceit (US only)

Guys! You know how much I loved this book! (see my review) It is one of my favorite fantasy series EVER. I have already read book 2, cage of Darkness and It is so good!

If you have not read this series yet, YOU NEED TO!

This is Young Adult.

You can find more information about all of her books on Goodreads- HERE

Heather Hildenbrand

1 winner will get a SIGNED copy of Broken Blood (book 5 in the Dirty Blood series) US only

I love all of Heather’s books and the dirty blood series is a favorite of mine.

These are YA/New Adult

Other books in the Dirty Blood Series

 photo Capture.JPG3_zps4xpwxbo7.jpgYou can find more information about all of her books on Goodreads- HERE

Elisabeth Grace:

1 winner will get an ecopy set of the complete Duplicity Duet (open INT)

Elisabeth writes awesome romances!

These are adult

You can find more information about all of her books on Goodreads- HERE

Robin Talley:

1 Winner will get a Hardcover copy of Our Own Private Universe (US only)

This is young adult

Check out my interview with Robin HERE

Donna Augustine:

1 winner will get a SIGNED copy of A Step Into the Dark (US only)

1 Winner will get an ecopy set of Books 1-4 of the Karma Series (INT)

1 Winner will get a set of audio books- Winner can choose between Books 1-3 of the Karma series, the Keepers series or Books 1 & 2 of The Wilds Series! (INT)

These books are Adult

Donna’s Karma series is one of my favorite Urban Fantasy series EVER!

You can find more information about all of her books on Goodreads- HERE 

Penny Reid:

1 winner will get a Signed copy of Penny’s newest book, The Cad and the Co-Ed!! (US only)

This is Adult

I think you all know by now that Penny Reid is one of my all time favorite romance authors. She is hilarious and always has the best characters and the best chemistry. I have already read, and loved this book! (who am I kidding? I have loved EVERY SINGLE ONE of Penny’s books!) They are all must reads!

You can find more information about all of her books on Goodreads- HERE 

Tellulah Darling/ Deborah Wilde:

1 winner will win an ecopy of The Unlikable Demon Hunter by Deborah Wilde (open INT)

This is New Adult

I love Tellulah Darling’s YA books, so I was super excited to find out that she is releasing a new line of funny, sexy, urban fantasy romance under the name Deborah Wilde that is definitely not for teens.

You can find more information about all of her books on Goodreads- HERE 

Shae Ross:

1 winner will get a $15 Amazon Gift Card & an ecopy of Rush (open INT)

This is New Adult

Shae writes some of my favorite romances. I always get lost within her books.

You can find more information about all of her books on Goodreads- HERE 

Jane Alvey Harris:

1 winner will get a physical copy of Riven (US only)

1 winner will get an ebook copy of Riven (INT)

This is young adult

Check out my interview with Jane

Book Briefs Blogoversary


To enter, fill out the rafflecopter below to win

This giveaway is sponsored by Book Briefs and all of the authors listed.

No purchase necessary to enter. void where prohibited by law.

My contest policy applies

ends april 8th!

Here is the the prize drawings will work. I will be drawing first the winner for the $25 worth of books. They will be emailed separately and first. (if that person passes on the $25 worth of books and wants a different prize, they can pick whatever they want, and I will draw again.)

Then I will be drawing 16 general winners (and yes, you can win more than once) The 16 general winners will all be BCC-ed emailed at the same time. When you are emailed please respond back to me with your top 2-4 prize choices and your mailing information. I will be taking prizes in a first come first serve fashion. This way people can hopefully choose which books they are most interested in winning. I will respond with what prize(s) you have gotten. It may take a few times if your top choices are already claimed. If you choose the box of books as one of your top prizes, please also send me your top 7 book choices from the stacks of books.

**Please read each of the prizes carefully in the post for details. I have included who the giveaway is open to, what the prize is (and if there are choices) and what age group the book(s) is/are.**

There will be 17 winners chosen!

Thank you to all of the authors that donated prizes! Please follow them on twitter and check out their books!

Note: Book Briefs Contest Policy applies.  All of the prizes, terms and conditions of the giveaway should be contained in the rafflecopter below. No Purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law.

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Michelle @ Book Briefs

38 Responses to “{Giveaway} Book Briefs 6 Year Blogoversary!”

  1. Mary Preston


    I’m re-reading NEVERWHERE by Neil Gaiman right now. It is unique & fascinating.

  2. Cassie

    Happy Blogoversary! I love the instragram pics – you make books looks soooo pretty!!! I love reading your reviews and I am looking forward to see much more from y’all in the years to come…..

  3. Kristina Oden

    Congratulations! I Love Bloglovin’!! I am looking forward to reading Cage of Deceit. And if you haven’t watched The Blacklist, you’re missing out. James Spacer is the best he’s ever been. Red Reddington is awesome!

  4. John Smith

    You absolutely must read “Coinman” by Pawan Mishra. It is self-published, but exceptional. You may find it odd, but its insights into its quirky cast of characters are excellent!

    I would be must excited to win my choice of books from the book pile.

  5. rhi

    congratulations on the blogversary! That is a huge achievement. Book rec. This was an anthology from last year but it has really stuck with me: Clones; the Anthology. It was a rare – at least to me- instance of an anthology that held together very well with novellas that actually worked as novellas, and was on an interesting topic. It was fun to see the different takes on clones.

  6. danielle hammelef

    I’m excited for the choosing of books from your picture! thanks for the giveaway and congrats! I would recommend the Banished series by Kimberley Griffiths Little.

  7. Linda Romer

    I just finished The Vampire Mafia By M.A. Wilder and it was fantastic! Happy 6 year Blogoversary! Thank you

  8. Victoria

    I’m excited about the gift card… because I can buy soooo many books with that! 😀 #HoarderOfBooks #iAmNotAshamed lol

    Thanks for the great giveaway and congrats on 6 years!!

  9. Penny Olson

    Happy Blogoversary! I’m excited about all the prizes. You are so generous. If you haven’t read it yet, I recommend the Outlander series.

  10. Bianca Rogoveanu

    If I win I would purchase TED Talks: The Official TED Guide to Public Speaking by Chris Anderson.
    Thank you !

  11. Lisa Mandina (Lisa Loves Literature)

    So, I recently discovered Nicole Archer’s book Road-Tripped, it was one of my favorite books at the end of last year. As to what prize I’m most excited about? Well, there are so many good ones! Possibly the Cad and the Coed by L.H. Cosway and Penny Reid. Happy blogoversary!

  12. Charlene Firlus

    This is such a great giveaway opportunity. I’d really love to read some of this as I see you have several arcs to choose from. Thank you for entry!

  13. Charlene Firlus

    I am so excited and looking forward to maybe having my own pick of five books at once. What a dream! I would even be happy receiving one book.

  14. Fernanda Luza

    Congratulations for your aniversary!!! I’m excited for a lot of books, but, I live in other country so … , I’m really hope for win!!! Wish me luck!!

  15. TeacherofYA

    Happy blogoversary! Yay!
    This is an awesome giveaway and it’s very nice to share your books with so many people!!
    But I’d follow you without the giveaways…I think you have excellent reviews. ?

  16. Cynthia R

    Happy blogoversary!

    I recommend Plainsong by kent Haruf, the entire Anne of Green Gables series, History of Love, The Orphan Train, The Madonnas of Leningrad, and anything by Sandra Dallas.

    TV, recommend Californication, Shameless on netflix.

  17. Margaret Appel

    I just finished reading The Skeletons of Scarborough House by Kitty French ~ it’s a cozy mystery with romantic overtones. It was awesome & I couldn’t put it down!

  18. Renee Rousseau

    Happy Blogoversary! That’s a lot of painstaking effort over 6 years! Thanks for sharing your Joy of books! Everyday is another exciting one in the world of books!

  19. Antonela

    And the blog will keep growing, together with you, as long as you continue working on it with the same love and passion for books ♥ I wish you all the best, and a super happy blogiversary, Michelle!!! *six years, OMGOMGOMG*
    I’m an INT subscriber, so the only prize I can be excited about is the grand one, a.k.a., the TBD prize. Which is PERFECT, because there’s one book I’d love to buy, and since I depend on giveaways to buy books from BookDepository, winning it would be A-W-E-S-O-M-E 😀 😀
    I finished reading ANNA AND THE FRENCH KISS (Stephanie Perkins) a week ago, but I’m still in this mood of wanting to scream I WANT EVERYONE IN THE WORLD TO READ THIS PERFECT, CUTE, ADORABLE, LOVELY BOOK!! So, if you haven’t read it yet, here’s my rec!!! You’ll love it ^^

    • Antonela

      Yeah… I know there are other INT prizes, but TBD is the only website that has free shipping to my country; plus, I’m not a big fan of reading ebooks *and I don’t have an e-reader ahahaha*

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