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Manipulation by Jolene Perry 
Release Date: January 2013
Age Group: YA
Series: (Shadows #2)
Summary from Goodreads:

Addison Prince has almost always gotten what she wants.Dean Courser only wants to find his brother, but it’s the one thing he’s failed at… Even with his unusual ability.
Dean and Addison share the gift of Manipulation—a brief touch that forces others to do what they wish. But when they meet and realize their connection, they find more questions than answers. Suddenly Dean is seeing shadows move on their own, and Addison is learning her father’s mysterious group may know more about her abilities than he’s ever let on. 
As Dean and Addison second-guess every decision about who they are and why they’re wanted, time is running out. With shadows following their every move, they’re losing hope they’ll ever get to safety—if such a thing exists.

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So I am totally a rebel. Or just weird. Whichever you prefer. But I didn’t read insight first. I went right to book two, Man ipulation. I have it and I wanted to but other things in life are kicking my butt. Which is why my blog has been lonely this week. Good news, you don’t have to read the books in order to understand them. (and I totally plan on reading Insight soon and reviewing it as well because I am loving this series!) 

This story follows Addison and Dean. I really enjoyed the two of them. I was a slightly, and just slightly, hesitant about Addison at the start of the story. I was unsure whether she was going to be a brat or not. But she really surprised me. She is actually a very genuine person and I loved that about her. Seeing her with her little sister Ellie was just adorable. I loved that Ellie was a little researcher. I think it is too cute when younger siblings have a little nerdy streak in them. 

Dean also has a special bond with his younger sibling. But instead of being adorable, it broke my heart. Dean just wanted to be able to see his brother again, but they were both in the foster system and he didn’t know where his younger brother was placed. 

I should talk a little about the premise of the book. This is a YA paranormal romance. Jolene Perry is an amazing romance writer. I have only read contemporary romances from her up until now, but I have to say I totally love her take on paranormal. I also really enjoy books about people with “powers”. Addison and Dean have the power to kind of control people through touch. I loved the scene in the car when they first found out that they shared this unqiue gift. It was too funny. I also really liked that while they did share the same gift, there were small differences between the nuances of each person’s abilities. That was a nice touch. 

There is also a sense of creepiness with the shadows lurking around. I can’t wait to find out more in the next book (and the last book. haha) I wish I had time to read Insight right this second. Jolene really knows how to put together a great quality book. The plot is addictive. It sucks you right in and the flow is perfect. If you are looking for a great YA paranormal series where the romance is a main part, you need to check out this series. Right now. 

4.5/5 Gavels
Jolene kissed a boy on her high school graduation night. One she’d wanted to kiss for a long time. They got married two years later, have built two homes together, survived military deployments, law school, student loan debt, and two children.
Jolene plays the guitar, takes pictures, and loves to hike. She doesn’t like rivers, but loves the ocean. She loves to fly, but gets motion sick. Her ultimate vacation would be to sail through the deserted islands in The Bahamas. Two years ago, she got that wish when her parents retired on a sailboat.
She taught high school French when she was only a few years older than her students, and then taught middle school math with her degree in political science and French.
She spends grocery money on designer fabric, shoes, and books.
Jolene cannot express how many times she wished she could write a whole novel. And now she has. Several times. Life is good.

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  1. Christy @ Love of Books

    Omg.. you need to read Insight RIGHT THIS SECOND! lol. I don’t know if I could’ve read this before Insight. I’m crazy anal like that. I love this series and CAN’T wait for Seekers. So glad you liked this one.

    Hope school is going well!

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