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June 2, 2011 Discussion 0

I don’t know about you guys, but I can never just seem to read one book at a time. I normally have multiple books going at the same time. At any given time, I normally have bookmarks in about three different books. I’m not really sure why, but I like to have different books for different moods and occasions. I have one on my kindle that I am reading. Right now my kindle book is Cameo and the Highwayman by Dawn McCullough White.  Then, I have my work book. This is the book that I bring with me to school or to work to read if I have downtime.I like this book to be pretty long, just in case I have lots of time to kill so I won’t finish it and be left with nothing to read. Right now my work book is Incarceron by Catherine Fisher. Then I have my home book. Sometimes this is two books. This is the book or books that I read when I have free time at home. Normally this is a book for review or just a book of my choosing. Right now my home book is Glass Houses by Rachel Caine
Do you guys like to read multiple books at one time? Or do you like to stick to just one book at a time? I know some people don’t like to start a new book until they have finished the old one. I used to feel this way. I hated to be in the middle of two books at one time, but then I started leaving books at school or at work and I would read one book there and a different book at home at night. I have just gotten used to doing this and now it feels weird to me to just read books one at a time. What do you think? Do you juggle books? Or is that too confusing to you, and you like to just read one through and then move onto the next? 
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