{Review} This Wicked Curse by Amanda Aggie

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{Review} This Wicked Curse by Amanda AggieThis Wicked Curse by Amanda Aggie
Pages: 560
on September 2, 2023
Series: Realm of M0nsters #2

A cursed princess, a soulless pirate, and a deal that could change both of their fate. In a realm full of monsters, shadows are stolen, and promises are bound with blood… and sometimes marriage vows . Princess by birth and sacrificial lamb by royal decree, Scarlet Midicious is ready to face her fate. She’s known her entire life that this day would come. Her wedding… The gauntlet… and likely her funeral. However, on the night of the gauntlet she meets a mysterious man with striking green eyes and a sin-worthy smirk. He has no knowledge of what her gift is–that she has an extraordinary ability to control the living like puppets–but he knows the king’s daughters are gifted in some way or another. He offers her a deal. If Scarlet helps him win, then he’ll make sure she has a peaceful life and a chance to see the world. In the face of a gruesome future, she accepts his terms. How much worse can it be? It's better than marrying a monster, and so far, that's applies to all the creatures who have entered.

There's only one problem... Okay, two problems. The man she's just struck a deal with is Sebastian Hook, a notorious rebel pirate, wanted for crimes beyond her imagination. And there’s only one thing the infamous Dark One hates more than Pan. Witches . And Scarlet happens to be marked as one. All aboard the Jolly Roger– if you dare . This Wicked Curse is an enemies-to-lovers tale featuring a slightly unhinged, shadow daddy with a broken moral compass. The world is dark, but it’s also full of adventure and magic.

This story is a spellbinding fusion of Peter Pan and Greek Mythology, reimagined into a dark pirate fantasy romance, and takes place within Amanda Aggie’s Seven Realms World. AUTHOR NOTE : Please know This Wicked Curse predates the events of This Wicked Fate . It is a standalone , like the rest of the Realm of Monsters series, and you do not need to read any of Amanda’s other books to understand or enjoy This Wicked Curse.

NA Review My Thoughts

A cursed princess, a soulless pirate, and a deal that could change both of their fate. In a realm full of monsters, shadows are stolen, and promises are bound with blood… and sometimes marriage vows
This Wicked Curse is the second book in the Realm of Monsters series by Amanda Aggie, but this is not a series that you need to read in order. Each of the books are complete standalones set in a shared world, so start with any book you would like. This Wicked Curse is a re-imagining of a captain hook romance.

In This Wicked Curse we see pirates! This is a dark fantasy romance told in Dual point of view between our main characters, Scarlet and Sebastian. Scarlet is a princess who makes a deal with Sebastian Hook on the eve of a competition, where the winner gets her hand in marriage. This deal sweeps our characters off in a totally different direction and adventure, full of romance, mystery, morally grey characters, awesome magical abilities and a really fun story. I liked it way more than the original take on Peter Pan because it felt completely original and its’ own story entirely.

Scarlet’s magical abilities are really cool (and kind of scary when you think about it). I really enjoyed seeing how they would play into the overall story. Scarlet and Sebastian were an excellent pair as well. There was a fantastic push and pull between the two of them. I really enjoyed this book. I couldn’t put it down and it is my favorite book in the Realm of Monsters world so far! I can’t wait to see what Amanda Aggie writes next!

This Wicked Curse is perfect for readers who enjoy:
Dual POV
Morally gray pirates
Only one bed
Touch her and die
enemies to lovers
Wanted criminal
Puppet master heroine
Fight to the death




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