{Review} Dylan McFinn & the Sea Serpent’s Fury by Liam Jenkins @dylanandaxneus @mmbtours

August 11, 2020 Reviews 0 ★★★

{Review} Dylan McFinn & the Sea Serpent’s Fury by Liam Jenkins @dylanandaxneus @mmbtoursDylan McFinn & The Sea Serpent's Fury by Liam Jenkins
Pages: 184
Published by Createspace Independent Pub on August 16, 2019
Series: Dylan McFinn Chronicles #1
Genres: Middle Grade, Adventure, Fantasy & Magic

“Dylan sat gazing out of his classroom window, waiting for the bell to ring. He was watching seahorses playing in the reeds of sea kelp swaying in the gentle current … and not paying any attention at all to the maths lesson that was continuing outside of his daydream. “Pssst … psst,” Dylan heard behind him.

Murdoch passed a note forward. Dylan quickly grabbed it and opened it under his desk without Mrs Pike-Teeth seeing it.

It read, Happy birthday Bubble Boy!”

Dylan McFinn is an ordinary twelve-year-old. Ordinary, that is, if you ignore the fact that he lives deep under the Pacific Ocean with his family The McFinn’s.

As he battles monsters and maelstroms on his first day as a teenager, Dylan discovers that he can be an awful lot more than he imagines and a nostalgic trip to the past was more than just a rite of passage. It was a passage to his destiny.



My Thoughts

Dylan McFinn & the Sea Serpent’s Fury is a middle grade fantasy adventure by Liam Jenkins. This book is the first book in the Dylan McFinn chronicles, and if the next books are anything like this one, I know they are going to be a ton of fun. Because that’s how I would describe this book- a really fun middle grade adventure! I can see younger readers, as well as older readers who love adventure tales, really enjoying Dylan and the world that Liam Jenkins has created. This was a really fun book and would be great for younger readers.

In Dylan McFinn & the Sea Serpent’s Fury, we first meet captain (who turns out to be Dylan’s father) as he discovers a Mermaid in the sea one night. The book then progresses to a future date when the Captain has two son’s Dylan and Axneus as he takes them back to the spot where he first discovered the mermaid all those years ago. What follows next is a wonderfully fun adventure with plenty of magical creatures, fun romps, heartwarming and funny scenes and some good lessons thrown in. I had a great time while reading this book.

Because the main characters of this story are Dylan and his brother Axneus, I think this book would be perfect for young boys (& girls) to enjoy. I also quite enjoyed the book’s recycling message woven throughout. Readers who are looking for a fun adventure will really like the world that Liam Jenkins has created. It is a magical world indeed, filled with mermaids shark gods, pirates, sea creatures and plenty more to capture a readers heart and attention. I would love to see what Dylan McFinn gets up to next!


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