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Today I have an interview with Author Elizabeth Issacs! I loved her book, The Light of Asteria and today she is here to talk about the second book in the series, The Secret of the Keepers. 
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Be sure to come back later this week for my review of The Secret of the Keepers
1. Describe The Secret of the Keepers in a tweet. (140 characters or less)
Nora’s now married and living the life of her dreams. Things couldn’t be better … that is, until the darkness threatens her world.

2. How is the second book different than the first book?

The second book starts exactly where the first book ends. We stay in the land of Kailmeyra the entire time and gain a greater knowledge of the Dokkalfar. New characters are introduced, and we explore Gavin’s upbringing and the events that led to the creation of the Dokkalfar.  
3. The world you have created is incredible! What is your favorite part of the world?
Thank you! Honestly, I have two places. The first is the heart of the mountain, where the original ancients are buried.  I can see that cavern so clearly in my mind. The second is the original forest, where the two trees are located.  The first draft of the forest was well over 1100 descriptive words, and it killed me to pare it down. 

4. Do you find it harder to write series or standalone books and why?
They are completely different animals, and each has its own unique challenges.
A stand alone must have characters that a reader can connect with easily. Their development is hindered by a word count. Truly it’s an artform to write a strong story with plot twists, character growth, and a resolution that leaves the reader completely satisfied in under 110,000 words.  
On the other hand, a series requires complex characters that have the potential to grow over several books. It is filled with underlying conflicts that revolve around a main problem, which will only be solved in the final book. The characters are just as difficult to write because they require subtlety and must have enough depth to grow over time.  Too, the author has to have a passion for the work that will go the distance. I’ve been writing on the Kailmeyra series almost daily for the past three years.
Both are difficult, but, to me, the stamina it takes to write a series makes it more difficult than writing a stand alone.  

5. What is the hardest part of the writing process for you?
The initial draft. I constantly have to remind myself to just “get the story on the page” before I can fix anything.  A first draft is mostly overused words that tell, tell, tell. It’s the bare bones. As a writer, it’s maddening to know the words flying onto the page aren’t doing the land, the characters, or the scene justice. To make matters worse, I do basic outlining before I start writing, but as the story unfolds the characters NEVER take me where I’d planned to go. Malachi and I had an out-and-out battle in the last book. I wasn’t happy at the time, but I will admit now that I’m glad he won.  🙂
Where the first draft is the hardest, revisions are my passion. I know some might think I’m strange, but revision is when the story takes on a deeper meaning, the characters become well-rounded and distinct, and I can add layers of symbolism and imagery.
6. I love white cake with vanilla frosting or vanilla cupcakes. I could eat them every night. What is your favorite dessert?
Oh Lordy! I’m from Kentucky where dessert is the 5thfood group! I love coconut cream cake, and this chocolate dessert my sister makes (she’s one of those annoyingly talented cooks that just makes it up as she goes. She has yet to write down the recipe).

7. If we had an author talent show, what would your talent be?
I have a masters degree in music, and so I’d have to say singing. 🙂

Thank you so much for being here today, I absolutely love your books!

Thank you so much for having me! One of the things I love most about virtual touring is getting a chance to meet such wonderful bloggers. I’ve had so much fun this past month reading your posts and your reader’s comments. You have an incredible site!
::awh I am blushing!:: 

The Kailmeyra Chronicles: Book Two–

Life for Nora couldn’t be better; she has married the man of her dreams and loves living in the pristine land of Kailmeyra. 
That is, until the darkness threatens her perfect world. 
Now war is upon the land. She and Gavin must strengthen their clan and prepare to fight. But the enemy has an ally—one that not only wields power, but holds knowledge of the ancients’ secrets. Secrets that could destroy creation itself. 
As the darkness grows, doubt seeps in … protectiveness hinders progress … and the unthinkable comes to pass. 
Bewildered and alone, Nora shoulders the responsibility of leading an entire race to war. As she struggles with decisions that seem impossible to make, she is haunted by one choice. 
“No one has ever doubted that you would die for those you love. The question then becomes … would you live?”

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