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Inspire by Heather Buchine
Pages: 206
Published by Createspace Independent Pub on March 31, 2013
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Inspire by Heather Buchine
Publication date: March 31st 2013
Age Group: New Adult Contemporary Romance
Source: purchased Amazon Kindle


18-year old Paige Rice, an exquisite beauty from East Hampton, NY, has just celebrated her high school graduation and is expecting to spend her summer living it up with all her socialite friends. But her parents have a different idea – she is being hauled away-literally- to the mountains of Vermont for the entire summer- in an RV!Assuming she will be an outcast amongst the other teens at the campground still does not prepare her for the treatment she receives, which is far worse than she imagined. She also isn’t prepared for Travis, the campground owner’s son and the “Sexiest” guy she has ever laid eyes on. Travis is the only one who shows any interest in getting to know Paige. The only problem is that they have to explore what lies between them in secret. But once all the secrets are stripped away, the truth may be crushing.

***Intended for mature audiences due to language and sexual content***

I loved the message that inspire sent. The characters were, for the most part, really good people and they were trying to make a difference. The plot of Inspire was also interesting. It fits perfectly within the New Adult age group. All of the characters were ready to start college and they had one last summer of fun. So they were a bit on the younger end of the New Adult books, but they all seemed pretty mature. 

Paige is the main character and she is such a sweetheart. Honestly, she seems like the nicest girl alive. I can certainly see how some people would describe her as too perfect- super smart, super pretty, very kind, forgiving and generous. But there is just something about her that even though she seems too good to be true, you just can’t help but love her. I would have liked to have seem a little more fault in her, but overall I really liked her character. I loved getting to know her through her dance charity that her and her best friend started up. And I really liked seeing her dancing worked in throughout the story. 

Paige’s parents are very well off, and for her last summer before college they decide to buy an RV and go camping for two months. While they are camping Paige meets a whole group of guys and girls at the RV campsite that are her age and about to head off to college too. At first she has some trouble winning over the girls in the group, but then an “incident” occurs and the girls bond over that. After the incident all of the girls are very close. I wish there would have been a little bit more of a middle ground for the girls in the group. Meaning, I would have liked to see a slow build of their friendship instead of one minute they actively disliked Paige and the next they act like they have been best friends for years. But nonetheless, Ashley and Brittany did seem to be good friends to Paige in the end. 

The romance in this story is all over the place. It had me swooning over Travis, and the next minute questioning his motives. I liked him, and then I didn’t trust him, and then I liked him again. I loved that about it. Some parts of the book were predictable but others totally threw me for a loop. Inspire kept me on my toes the whole time I was reading it. And the romance between Paige and Travis was H-O-T, hot for sure. 

Overall, Inspire was a fun and heck I’m just going for it- inspiring read. There are some darker moments and some dark themes, but even so Inspire seemed like a pretty light, happy go lucky book. One you can just pick up and down in one or two sittings. There were some cliche parts for sure, but I didn’t mind that. I still really liked the book. I found the characters very well developed and the story was really cute. If you are looking for a nice summer read, Inspire would be a good choice. 

3.5/5 Gavels

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