{Review+Giveaway} Ward Against Disaster by @MelanieCard @EntangledTeen

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{Review+Giveaway} Ward Against Disaster by @MelanieCard @EntangledTeen

{Review+Giveaway} Ward Against Disaster by @MelanieCard @EntangledTeenWard Against Disaster by Melanie Card
Pages: 350
Published by Entangled Teen, Macmillan on January 19, 2015
Series: Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer #3
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Love & Romance, New Adult, Paranormal
Source: eARC from Publisher
Ward de'Ath should be dead by now. Instead, he’s chasing after a soul-eating creature—that he unleashed— and is bent on stopping her before she slaughters more innocents. Fortunately, Celia Carlyle remains by his side, a nobleman's gorgeous and deadly daughter, who is…well, dead.
Celia claims she’ll champion Ward wherever he goes, even when she thinks his quest is hopeless. He can only hope her pledge comes from her heart, and not because she’s bound to him through his magic.
When they enter Dulthyne, they stumble upon a dark power that threatens the entire town. Ward, with his unreliable necromancy, is determined to help but finds himself ensnared in the lure of white-hot magic…blood magic he struggles to resist. But if Celia’s love is a lie, it might just doom his soul to the dark arts forever.
Also in this series: Ward Against Darkness

NA ReviewMy ThoughtsIf you are new to the Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer series, check out my 5 star review of the first book, Ward Against Death HERE

Ward Against Disaster is the third book in the Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer series. I’m not sure how many books are going to be in this series, but it is definitely not done yet. There is at least one more book to come, and I for one, hope there are about 3 more or so. I really like how detailed this series is. It seems like we get to know each and every character even better in each subsequent book, which is no small feat. But between you and me, I have to say that I liked the original covers more than these new ones.

This is a series that you must read in order. I read the second book, Ward Against Darkness in September of 2013, and I had a hard time remembering all the little details of things that had happened. Celia and Ward are forever in the middle of their long journey so it is really easy to forget some of the people they ran into and a couple of the more minor events along the way. While this book never dragged, and I think all of the character, places and things they did were necessary for story advancement, I couldn’t help but feel like this quest of theirs was never going to end. They hit so many hurdles and roadblocks that a couple of times at the start of this book, I couldn’t quiet remember what their initial end goal even was. But after about 45 pages or so, I fell into the pace of the book, and I remembered everything that I loved about the first two. The action and pacing of the story will keep you on the edge of your seat. This book literally had my pulse racing multiple times. I dare say it was the most thrilling installment yet.

I love how strong and resilient Celia is. And how sweet and a little unsure Ward still is. The romance in this series is the very definition of a slow burn romance. I mean, really slow. It seems like Ward just dances around Celia for almost the first 80% of the book in each of the books, and then something happens, or gets resolved right at the very end. But I can’t help but love these two. The dynamic between the two of them is still so unexpected and works surprisingly well. They are not your typical book couple at all.

Contrary to what it may sound like in this review, I really heart the heck out of this series. The Chronicles of a Reluctant Necromancer is such a  well done series. Celia is so kick ass. And the bad guys are seriously bad. They even creeped me out. And they test the whole gang of characters. Melanie doesn’t hold any punches with anyone, that is for sure. Melanie Card does such a fantastic job with scene setting and description, you can’t help but get pulled into her dark world of necromancy and dangerous adventure.

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About Melanie Card

I have always been drawn to story telling. In fact, I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t telling a story in my head or on paper. In grade school, we had journal writing time which I turned into story telling time, weaving tales of magic and adventure that mimicked the fairy tales and myths that I loved to read. It was there, with the help of two very special teachers, that I nurtured this love and started my journey as a writer.

I write fantasy, paranormal romance, and everything in between, seasoned with a good dash of adventure and mystery. Join me on my tales of magic, adventure, and romance.

Michelle @ Book Briefs

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  1. Giselle

    I hadn’t heard of this series before but you def piqued my interest! It sounds like a pretty epic ride, and I love reading about necromancers! They’re probably my fav supernatural “being” or whatever their species is called lol. Great review, hun!

  2. erinf1

    thanks for the great review and spotlight! I just got book 1 so I’m very excited to get caught up 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  3. Denishidoll D.

    I really want to read this book but never got a chance to buy it. I really think that it’s lovely. Thank you for the giveaway!

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