{Excerpt+Giveaway} Dating in Everton by Scarlett Philips

March 4, 2022 Adult, Blog Tours, excerpt, Giveaways 2

{Excerpt+Giveaway} Dating in Everton by Scarlett Philips

{Excerpt+Giveaway} Dating in Everton by Scarlett PhilipsDating in Everton by Scarlett Philips
Pages: 234
on February 26, 2022
Series: Everton Ever After, #3, #3
Genres: adult, Reverse Harem, Romance, supernatural
Source: ecopy from Author

Dating has never been easy or fun for me.

When you grow up in a small town you know everyone. The guys I grew up with are either losers or engaged to my best friend.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled for Rowe. She deserves all the happiness in the world. But seeing her with her guys has made me realize that I want what she has.

So I've decided to put myself out there, see if I can find someone or someones to call mine.

One disastrous date after another has me second-guessing whether dating in Everton is worth the hassle, but when an old acquaintance, a friend, and a stranger all set their sights on me, I start to think my luck just might be turning around.

This is the first book in Quinn's first duet and ends on a cliffhanger. This is a series of duets. It is not necessary to read the first duet before you read this one, but there is crossover, so you may want to. Start the series with Returning to Everton. Rowen's first duet is complete.

I pull into Rowe’s driveway barely putting the car in park before the front door flies open. She runs from her house to my car, wrenching my passenger door open, jumping in as she laughs hysterically.
“Go! Go!” she shrieks as she slams my door.
As I put the car in reverse, I look up to see Nate storming out of the house.
“Oh, no. What’d you do?” I ask with a laugh.
“Shh, no time! Go! Hurry! He’s coming!” she commands as she buckles up.
I figure I can always ask questions later, so I step on it. Spinning out of her drive, flying down the road away from the angry-looking man currently giving my tail lights the death glare. Once I turn off her road onto the main street, I chance a look at her.
“Okay, spill. What the hell was that about?”
She’s still laughing but manages to calm down enough to talk. “I guess the guys had plans for when the kids were gone tonight.” She shrugs with a sly smile.
I laugh with her. Of course, they did.
“Nate caught me getting dressed up. He thought I did it for him.” She snickers before she continues. “I may have kind of played along with it until you pulled up, then maybe I fled the house without telling them anything.” She covers her mouth as she sputters, dissolving into another fit of laughter.
“Oh my god. No, you didn’t! Girrrl, Nate is gonna tan your hide when you get home tonight,” I warn with wide eyes.
“I know. It’s gonna be great!” She claps her hands, smiling this giddy smile, the freak.
Stopping at a red light, I turn to get a good look at my best friend. Oh, man. No wonder Nate looked so mad! No way would he be okay with her leaving the house like this. The girl is smoking!
“Rowe, sweetie, I know you like pushing their buttons, especially Nate’s, but Jesus, girl. Do you have a death wish? Going out dancing looking like that.” I look her up and down, making a point to stare at her low-cut top.


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