{Review+Giveaway} Rules We’re Meant to Break by Natalie Williamson

June 11, 2019 Blog Tours, Giveaways, Reviews, Young Adult 12 ★★★½

{Review+Giveaway} Rules We’re Meant to Break by Natalie Williamson

{Review+Giveaway} Rules We’re Meant to Break by Natalie WilliamsonRules We're Meant to Break by Natalie Williamson
Pages: 304
Published by Swoon Reads on June 11, 2019
Genres: Young Adult, Romance, contemporary
Source: eARC from Publisher

Honest and full of heart, this clever contemporary romance debut deftly combines utterly relatable family drama with all the sweetness and uncertainy that comes with falling in love.

Rule #1: Don't get attached.

Amber lives by strict rules to survive her mother’s love life: Always keep your eyes on the horizon and never get close to anyone connected to Mom's boyfriends.

But after they move in with Kevin, the latest of her mom's “soul mates,” the rules become increasingly difficult to follow. Kevin’s daughter, Cammie, keeps acting like Amber’s friend, even though she’s definitely not. And Jordan—star basketball player, hottest boy in school, and Cammie's best friend—keeps showing up at the most inconvenient moments.

Amber has reasons for every one of her rules, and following them is the only way to protect her heart when her mom inevitably moves on. But as she spends more time with Kevin, his daughter, and especially Jordan, she starts to wonder if the rules might be worth breaking this time.

Chosen by readers like you for Macmillan's young adult imprint Swoon Reads, Rules We're Meant to Break is a charming, heartachingly real story of family and young love by debut author Natalie Williamson.

Praise for Rules We're Meant to Break:

“The last time I devoured a book like this—I can't even remember. … It was so openhearted and raw.” —Clarissa, reader on SwoonReads.com

"It is such a true true story about a girl finding herself within her first love. I loved it!" —Forever Bookish, reader on SwoonReads.com

YA Review My Thoughts

Rules We’re Meant to Break is young adult contemporary romance by Natalie Williamson. This might sound kind of weird, but I was immediately drawn into this book because of it’s cover. It is not a traditionally beautiful young adult cover, but it made me think that I would relate to the main character, Amber. I loved how neat and orderly everything was. That plus the reference to rules, and I knew this was going to be a really cute read that would make me smile. And it totally was. Rules We’re Meant to Break is an adorable romance full of heart.

You might think Amber, who is our main character, has these rules set out for herself, but no. Initially, these rules were put in place for Amber to survive her mother’s long string of boyfriends. I loved Amber’s love of dogs, and animals in general. I really, really loved Buffy her dog, and Amber’s obsession with the show Buffy the Vampire Slayer, but sadly, I didn’t connect with Amber the way that I was initially hoping to. She was ok, but I was really wishing that I would have seen a bit more character growth from her overall. She is nice enough, but sometimes had a tendency to be seen as a petulant child rather than the young adult that she was becoming. But what I did love about Rule We’re Meant to Break was the dynamic between all of the characters in this book. Hannah and Jordan, and even Kevin (mom’s latest boyfriend)  were excellent additions to cast of characters.

Overall, Rules We’re Meant to Break is a cute read with some nice modern family dynamics, and a cute romance. Though Amber seemed a bit immature at times, she was a character that I still found pretty easy to root for. I wanted her to succeed and I wanted to see her, and her mom, happy. If you are a fan of strong modern or single parent familial themes and a cute young adult romance, Rules We’re Meant to Break might be a winner for you. I thought it was a cute read.


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About Natalie Williamson

Natalie Williamson is an HR person by day and a YA writer by night and nap time. She referenced Harry Potter in her first ever full time job interview, which tells you almost all the things you need to know about her. Other important things to know include: she loves her husband, daughter, dogs, and cat; she has a serious dessert problem; and she frequently Wikipedias movies and TV shows to find out if they have happy endings. RULES WE’RE MEANT TO BREAK is her debut novel.

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    This sounds cute and like a book that will be a break from the “heavier” reads I’ve been taking on lately.

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