{Review} The Last Dragon Princess by @CynthiaCPayne

October 4, 2018 Reviews, Young Adult 1 ★★★★

{Review} The Last Dragon Princess by @CynthiaCPayneThe Last Dragon Princess by Cynthia Payne
Pages: 365
Published by Self Published on October 2, 2018
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy & Magic, Romance
Source: eARC from Author

Her birth was an act of treason.But now she’s their last hope.
Born with the marks,
She must choose the next King,
And stand against the Gods

On this world, the created have turned against their Creators. War has raged for generations – the Creators fight to regain their power over the Hisgeii, and the Hisgeii strive to escape enslavement and claim the world as their own. Some Hisgeii are born with intricate, branching red marks on their backs. The marked men are called Shifters and can transform into dragons with magical abilities specific to their caste. The female marked are called Breeders and are treated as royalty amongst the Hisgeii.

Danu is one such Breeder, though her markings came with a steep price. She has recently come of age, and in order to become Queen, the Council has commanded her to choose a mate to be her King.

Danu is of the last generation of Hisgeii with any hope to defeat their would-be enslavers. With time running out, she must navigate the heated political climate, learn what it means to be a marked member of the lowest caste, decipher the complex and torrid history of the war between the Hisgeii and the Creators, differentiate between outright lies and mere twisted stories of ancient legend, fight alongside a flock of dragon Shifters against powerful aliens believed to be immortal gods, deal with a rogue Shifter whose body bares unusual scars, and unite with a mate to decide on the future of her people.

Seems easy enough… except she has only two weeks to do it.

“The Last Dragon Princess” follows Danu as she seeks to lead her people, find her place, and choose a love to balance her as she takes the throne. Fans of dragon shifter fantasy, reverse harems, Greek mythology, and fast-paced adventures loaded with romance and political intrigue will love this unexpected and one-of-a-kind epic novel.

This is a standalone novel with NO cliffhangers!

YA Review My Thoughts

The Last Dragon Princess is a young adult standalone fantasy romance by Cynthia Payne. I really loved so many things about The Last Dragon Princess. I love dragon shifters, I loved the detailed world that Cynthia Payne created, I loved the large cast of characters (some more than others) and I really loved that this was a completely standalone novel. Don’t get me wrong, I love series, but every once in a while it is really nice to be able to start and finish a  story within one novel.

Fans of fantasy novels that feature rich world, and lots of secrets and court politics will really enjoy The Last Dragon Princess. I loved all of the layers to this story. In The Last Dragon Princess we meet Danu, who is one of the few remaining breeders- or a woman who can birth a dragon shifter, left in the kingdom. There are plenty of secrets that surround Danu and some of the other characters in the book, but I will let you discover them for yourself. Danu is offered up to have her mate selected by the council to become their next Queen. They need a breeder that can produce more powerful dragon shifters because their country is at war with a much more powerful enemy, called the Creators.

Through trying to pick her mate, Danu uncovers more secrets and is quickly immersed in a very high stakes adventure. I loved how the story kept growing and growing as we learned more about the world and the players. The Last Dragon Princess is a book that honestly kept getting better and better. There are five main dragon shifters present in the story. The only one I really liked was Garm. I wanted to like some of the other guys more, and I really wish that I did. (I think that would have made everything just a bit more interesting) but I really didn’t. Fenrir was just way too surface level and full of himself. Hagen was ok but he was too much of a follower, Aegir was just….no, and Pan. Well Pan is adorable but he is just not my type. I liked Garm the more I got to know him, and ultimately I loved Garm. I will explain more of what I mean in this spoiler, but be warned…it IS a spoiler. View Spoiler »

Cynthia Payne really, really impressed me with this story. I loved The Last Dragon Princess, and honestly, I can’t wait for more novels from her. I love the way she creates a fantasy world. The Last Dragon Princess was interesting from start to finish. I think fans of fantasy romances will really love this standalone epic fantasy.


About Cynthia Payne

I’m 33 years old and have a Bachelors in Biology from the University of South Carolina, Beaufort. I met my hubby at college when I was delivering pizzas to pay for books and gas. After graduation I served as a Deputy Sheriff specializing first in Animal Control and then in Forensics.

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