{Review+Giveaway} Castles in Their Bones by Laura Sebastian

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{Review+Giveaway} Castles in Their Bones by Laura Sebastian

{Review+Giveaway} Castles in Their Bones by Laura SebastianCastles in Their Bones by Laura Sebastian
Pages: 528
Published by Delacorte Press on February 1, 2022
Series: Castles in Their Bones #1
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Romance, Young Adult
Source: Finished Hardcover from Publisher

A spellbinding story of three princesses and the destiny they were born for: seduction, conquest, and the crown. Immerse yourself in the first book in a new fantasy trilogy from the author of the New York Times bestselling Ash Princess series.

Empress Margaraux has had plans for her daughters since the day they were born. Princesses Sophronia, Daphne, and Beatriz will be queens. And now, age sixteen, they each must leave their homeland and marry their princes.

Beautiful, smart, and demure, the triplets appear to be the perfect brides—because Margaraux knows there is one common truth: everyone underestimates a girl. Which is a grave mistake. Sophronia, Daphne, and Beatriz are no innocents. They have been trained since birth in the arts of deception, seduction, and violence with a singular goal—to bring down monarchies— and their marriages are merely the first stage of their mother’s grand vision: to one day reign over the entire continent of Vesteria.

The princesses have spent their lives preparing, and now they are ready, each with her own secret skill, and each with a single wish, pulled from the stars. Only, the stars have their own plans—and their mother hasn’t told them all of hers.

Life abroad is a test. Will their loyalties stay true? Or will they learn that they can’t trust anyone—not even each other?

YA Review My Thoughts

Castles in Their Bones is the first book in a new young adult fantasy series by the same name from author Laura Sebastian. I absolutely loved this book! The ending completely killed me and made me so desperate for the next book in the series. This is easily one of the best books I have read this year and one of my favorite fantasy books ever. This YA fantasy was so immersive and so well written. It has favorite book of 2022 written all over it!

In Castles in Their Bones, we meet three triplet princesses- Beatriz, Daphne and Sophronia. These sisters are each betrothed to different prince and kings from three very different countries. But these sisters, all have an ulterior motive. They are being sent in order to sow distrust and put the countries at war with each other so their mother- an Empress who wants to take over neighboring lands. The story is told in alternating points of view from each of the three sisters, and I really enjoyed this story telling technique because it immediately pulled me in, and I loved getting to know each of the girls better. I also very much appreciated the girls character growth as they spent time away from each other and away from their mother- immersed in new cultures. The sisters are each unique and complex in their own ways, and they each have their own secrets for the readers to uncover. I loved that each of their experiences in their new homes with the new husbands were similarly unique and different.

Castles in Their Bones pulled me in right from the very start and had all the makings of a fantastic fantasy series- deception, court politics, an interesting world and magic system, and great morally grey characters. There are some really gut wrenching moments, and plenty of twists and turns that I did not see coming at all, but I loved pretty much everything about this book. I didn’t want to put it down! I think fans of the The Bridge Kingdom will really enjoy this YA fantasy. I know I did and I am desperate for more.


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About Laura Sebastian

I write YA books and I’m also entrusted with taking care of other people’s children. I write books about girls who are strong in all different ways, usually with a healthy dollop of magic and a few dragons.

I live in NYC with my extraordinarily fluffy dog, Neville.

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