{Release Day Review} Winging It by Cate Cameron @CCameron_Author @EntangledTEEN

May 16, 2016 Reviews, Young Adult 0 ★★★★

{Release Day Review} Winging It by Cate Cameron @CCameron_Author @EntangledTEEN

{Release Day Review} Winging It by Cate Cameron @CCameron_Author @EntangledTEENWinging It by Cate Cameron
Pages: 163
Published by Entangled: Crush on May 16, 2016
Series: Corrigan Falls Raiders #3
Genres: Young Adult, contemporary, Romance, Sports & Recreation
Source: eARC from Publisher

Disclaimer: This Entangled Teen Crush book contains adult language, ice-melting kisses, and a swoon-worthy hero. This fake relationship romance will have you wishing for a hockey player of your own…

Natalie West and Toby Cooper were best friends growing up, on and off the ice. But when Toby’s hockey career took off, their friendship was left behind. Now Natalie has a crazy plan to land her crush—Toby’s biggest rival—and she needs Toby’s help to pull it off.

When Nat asks Toby to be her fake boyfriend, he can’t say no. Not when it means getting his best friend back. But Natalie is all grown up now, and spending time with her—even when it’s just playing hockey together—stirs up a lot of feelings, old and new. Suddenly pretending to be interested in her isn’t hard at all…if only she wanted him and not his enemy.

Hockey tore them apart. Can it put them back together?

YA ReviewMy Thoughts

Winging It is the third book in the young adult Corrigan Falls Raiders series by Cate Cameron. I really enjoyed the first two books, Center Ice , and Playing Defense. All of the books in this series are such fun reads. I love the intersection of semi-professional sports and younger characters. The guys are all high school and college aged but they are in a unique situation. They are living both young adult and adult lives with Hockey and school. It is an interesting combination that I never really gave much thought to until this book. Most of the hockey stories I read are professional NHL, so one of the things that I like most about the Corrigan Falls Raiders series is that I get the best of both worlds when I am looking for a young adult read. I get semi-professional hockey and I still get young adult characters.

Winging It is told in dual narrative between Nat and Toby, and it is a fake relationship story. (this seems to be the year of the fake relationship trope…and I am loving it!) Nat has a crush on Toby’s cousin, Scott. Toby and Scott are super competitive, so Nat thinks that if she and Toby are “going out”, that will catch Scott’s eye. You can tell right from the start how totally messed up this plan is. But don’t worry- you know what is going to happen in the end, so it will all work out just fine, and it is fun getting there. I loved Nat and Toby. I can’t believe how cool his ex-girlfriend/Nat’s friend, Dawn was about the whole thing. (and I still don’t totally understand why she was so cool. At all.) She even helped Nat and Toby see the light about each other. That is next level ex-girlfriend stuff right there.

Either way, it is clear to anyone with eyes that Nat and Toby are perfect for each other.  I loved that they both played hockey. It was great seeing them bond over that again. It also didn’t hurt that Scott is a grade A jerk-wad. I loved Winging it. It might have been my favorite book in the series. It is hard to tell because I have enjoyed all of the books so, and each one is a cute and fun read. I loved getting a glimpse of Chris in this book too. His phone-diet was hilarious.

Bottom line: If you like cute and fluffy romances, look no further than Winging It. It has everything you need in a young adult contemporary- great characters, a cute romance, hockey players, and awesome friends.

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About Cate Cameron

Cate Cameron grew up in the city but moved to the country in her mid-twenties and isn’t looking back. Most of her writing deals with people living and loving in small towns or right out in the sticks – when there aren’t entertainment options on every corner, other people get a lot more interesting!

She likes to write stories about real people struggling with real issues. YA, NA, or contemporary romance, her books are connected by their emphasis on subtle humor and characters who are trying to do the right thing, even when it would be a lot easier to do something wrong.

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