{ARC Review+Giveaway} Sweet Unrest by @LisaMaxwellYA @fluxbooks

October 14, 2014 Blog Tours, Giveaways, Reviews, Young Adult 5 ★★★½

{ARC Review+Giveaway} Sweet Unrest by @LisaMaxwellYA @fluxbooks

{ARC Review+Giveaway} Sweet Unrest by @LisaMaxwellYA @fluxbooksSweet Unrest by Lisa Maxwell
Pages: 336
Published by flux, Penguin on October 8, 2014
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Young Adult
Source: eARC from Publisher

Lucy Aimes has always been practical. But try as she might, she can’t come up with a logical explanation for the recurring dreams that have always haunted her. Dark dreams. Dreams of a long-ago place filled with people she shouldn’t know…but does.

When her family moves to a New Orleans plantation, Lucy’s dreams become more intense, and her search for answers draws her reluctantly into the old city’s world of Voodoo and mysticism. There, Lucy finds Alex, a mysterious boy who behaves as if they’ve known each other forever. Lucy knows Alex is hiding something, and her rational side doesn’t want to be drawn to him. But she is.

As she tries to uncover Alex’s secrets, a killer strikes close to home, and Lucy finds herself ensnared in a century-old vendetta. With the lives of everyone she loves in danger, Lucy will have to unravel the mystery of her dreams before it all comes to a deadly finish.

YA Review My Thoughts

Sweet Unrest is a standalone read that will appeal to fans of reads that feel eerie, and have a healthy mixture of ghost story and voodoo magic. I loved the plantation setting that author Lisa Maxwell chose for Sweet Unrest. It was the perfect place for this tale to take place. I’m going to do my best to not give anything away because that is half the fun of this mystery. There are so many different layers and unknowns that come to light throughout the story, and I loved watching everything unfold bit by bit for the main character, Lucy.

The cast of characters were as rich and complex as was the scenery and landscape of New Orleans. I loved Mama Legba, Chloe, Piers and Alex. Lucy’s family kind of faded into the background for me, but I didn’t dislike them. They just weren’t really the focus of this story. The focus came through Lucy’s dreams and her trying to piece together the puzzle they presented.

Past and Present swirl together in Sweet Unrest. Sometimes it came in predictable ways and sometimes things were totally unpredictable. I loved it because it was always just enough to keep me on my toes. There were a couple of little snafus that I still don’t understand, or wish were explained a little better and that was all that was holding me back from a higher rating. (like with a certain character that shows up at the end to help and suddenly knows everything that has been going on. If you have read the book, let me know and we can talk.)

The romance was sweet and heartbreaking all at the same time. It just was never the focal point for me as a reader. I was way more wrapped up in the mystery. I liked the romance and I think the ending was very fitting, but Sweet Unrest was a lot more for me than just a simple romance. (even though there really was nothing simple about Lucy and Alex.) Sweet Unrest is all about the story. I really appreciated the research that the author did on Voodoo. I thought it really added a level of authority to her writing. I want to meet Mama Legba and have her read me. Voodoo + a chilling New Orleans setting that grows in the creep factor as the story goes on + a fresh and interesting mystery = a complex book that is sure to delight ya readers.


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About Lisa Maxwell

Lisa Maxwell is the author of Sweet Unrest   (Flux, Fall 2014) and Heartless Things (Simon Pulse, Spring 2016). She has a PhD in English, and when she’s not writing books, she’s a professor at a local college. She lives near DC with her very patient husband and two not-so patient boys.

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  1. kindlemom1

    I am such a sucker for these type of settings, there is just something about them that appeals to everything in me.
    Glad you liked this even if you didn’t quite love it.

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