{Review} The Prince’s Captive by Celeste Baxendell

September 23, 2023 Reviews, Young Adult 0 ★★★½

{Review} The Prince’s Captive by Celeste BaxendellThe Prince's Captive by Celeste Baxendell
Pages: 387
Series: Runes of Pain and Peace #1
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, Young Adult
Source: Paperback from Author

A decoy bride sent to die. The soldier prince sent to capture her.

How far will he go to save her life when even she has accepted her death?

Marcella is a mediocre mage whose only value to her people is the fact she looks like the clan’s heir. When she is ordered to take her place and be captured by their enemies so the heir can fulfill a marriage alliance, Marcella obeys. Her only hope of surviving after her capture is for them to believe she’s the heir long enough for her to escape.

Unfortunately the commander who captures her is sharper than anticipated. When he figures out the truth, she is as good as dead… isn’t she? Upon discovering he captured a decoy instead of the heir his people needed for peace, Gavril is torn between his duty and his growing affection for a girl the world has deemed worthless.

But what if she isn’t? In her, he sees a path to peace. But if he’s going to keep her alive long enough to prove it, he might just have to tie himself to her forever. With enemies on every side, and his own heart lost to her, how is he going to protect a woman who will always hate him?

For lovers of epic magic, complex characters, and slow-burn, intense enemies-to-lovers romance full of tension with no spice, The Prince's Captive is an upper YA fantasy romance perfect for fans of Tara Grayce, Kenley Davidson, and Sarah K. L. Wilson!

YA Review My Thoughts

A decoy bride sent to die. The soldier prince sent to capture her. How far will he go to save her life when even she has accepted her death?

The Prince’s Captive is the first book ya fantasy romance series called Runes of Pain and Peace by Celeste Baxendell. I really enjoyed The Prince’s Captive. This book was a classic enemies to lovers fantasy with plenty of politics and warring kingdoms involved.

In The Prince’s Captive, we meet our two main characters- Marcella and Gavril. Marcella is a mage who looks like her clan’s princess. She takes her place as a decoy to go to an enemy clan. When their leaders figures out the truth, he decides to use this as his advantage to try and broker peace between the two clans. I enjoyed both Gavril and Marcella. Their clans both have magic, but they are very much foreign to each other. There is a language barrier that obviously posed some issues for the two of them, not to mention the cultural differences and the ingrained ideas of who the other is that they will need to overcome.

The Prince’s Captive was a nice enemies to lovers romance. It is told in dual narrative between Marcella and Gavril, which I think was totally needed with the language barrier between the two of them. The dual narrative gave a chance to get to know each of the characters really well from their own perspective. I really enjoyed seeing these different cultures blending through the main characters. If you like magic, foreign politics and compelling characters, I would recommend that you check out The Prince’s Captive.

Check out The Prince’s Captive if you like:
Touch her and die
Who did this to you
Soldier prince
Decoy bride
Language barrier
Pet names
Enemies to lovers
Rune magic
Dramatic rescues




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