{Review} The Kingless Crown by Sarah M. Cradit

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{Review} The Kingless Crown by Sarah M. CraditThe Kingless Crown by Sarah M. Cradit
Pages: 608
Published by Independently published

From the USA Today & International Bestselling author of the Saga of Crimson & Clover comes a gripping new epic fantasy world that will leave you breathless to the very last page. A crown woven together by lies.A kingdom with the power to unravel them.Four Reaches. Four brides. Only a fortnight separates the young women from becoming reluctant queens of the usurper king, Eoghan Rhiagain. Twenty years earlier, King Eoghan's father cunningly devised marriages between the highborn sons and daughters of the oft-warring Reaches, sealing the unions before they could protest, shattering existing betrothals in place of forced alliances. Now, Eoghan, the cruel boy king who stole his crown through murder, demands the eldest daughters of these unions. To accept is unfathomable. To refuse is treason.The lords and ladies of the kingdom have no choice but to prepare their beloved daughters for the horrors ahead. But they'll soon discover there are no longer any daughters left to present. All four have disappeared, painting the world with their rebellion.Theirs is not the only rebellion. Across the kingdom, little fires light within. From the enigmatic sorcerers in the northern mountains, to the magi who both wield and regulate the kingdom's magic, and beyond... to a place where two prisoners are not what they seem.As the Reaches ready themselves to face the king, the kingdom hovers on the edge of chaos.And there are many who recall, in candlelit secrecy, tales of a time before...

YA Review My Thoughts

The Kingless Crown is the first book in the Kingdom of the White Sea series, which is an epic fantasy series by Sarah Cradit. I haven’t ever read a book by Sarah before but this will not be the last. I loved The Kingless Crown and I can’t wait to continue on with this series! There are a lot of players in this big world, but Sarah did such a wonderful job telling the story because I was never confused, I never had any issue keeping track of everyone, which in a world this big is no easy feat.

In The Kingless Crown we join a world ruled under a central king. The King rules over different regions, and our story starts when one of the kings arranges marriages across all regions, marrying enemies’ families and uniting them by force. But that was really 20 years before our story kicks off. Our main story sees the grandson of that king ruling, and King Eoghan decrees that each of the families from the four main reaches must send they eldest daughter to all be wed to the king.

The story is told in multiple points of view, switching back and forth between the families of the four reaches, plus a couple of extra POVs. The children from the four ruling families run away to try and escape their fate, and thus they set into motion a larger plan. I loved the experience of reading this book. I never knew what was going to happen next. There are twists, turns and one heck of a plotline woven throughout all of the POVs. Sarah Cradit is a master storyteller, and I am beyond thrilled that I have discovered her books. Fans of Epic Fantasies must check out the Kingdom of White Sea series. I need book 2 asap!



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