{Review} The Raven and the Rush by Sarah M. Cradit

March 19, 2022 New Adult, Reviews 1 ★★★★

{Review} The Raven and the Rush by Sarah M. CraditThe Raven and the Rush: The Book of All Things by Sarah M. Cradit
Pages: 362
Published by Sarah M. Cradit on December 14, 2021
Series: The Book of All Things #1
Genres: Fantasy & Magic, New Adult, Romance
Source: Hardcover from Author

One raven. One boy. One destiny.

From the USA Today and International Bestselling Author of Kingdom of the White Sea comes a new series set in the same vibrant world: The Book of All Things. Escape into this story of destiny and forbidden love weaving together a fate bigger than man, bigger than magic.

Evrathedyn Blackrook whiles his days away at university, blissfully oblivious to the horrors afflicting his homeland. He escapes into dusty books, content as a second son.
Rhosynora Ravenwood spends her sleepless nights fantasizing of ways to escape her icy, suffocating dynasty. To flee her birthright is to invite a traitor's penance. To stay is another kind of death.

But time and fate have a way of mending all mistakes.

Evra soon finds himself the new Lord Blackrook. His inheritance is a plague-ridden land, the pyres from his late father's campaign against magic still smoldering.
His realm's future in the balance, he travels beyond his borders to a remote northern hamlet, where he meets Rhosyn. The spark between them is immediate; the suspicion even stronger. In Rhosyn, Evra sees her rare magic as the perfect answer to his troubles. In Evra, Rhosyn sees everything wrong with the depraved world of men.

But Evra is out of options. And Rhosyn is out of time.

As they resist the undeniable, forbidden bond growing between them, Evra's dawning horror of Rhosyn's fate brings him to an impossible choice.
His home, or her?

Also in this series: The Melody and the Master , The Belle and the Blackbird
NA Review My Thoughts

The raven and the rush is the first book in the ya fantasy series called the book of all things by Sarah m. Cradit. This book is a new series set in the kingdom of the White Sea world, which is the same world another series of hers. You don’t need to read that series first in order to enjoy this one but it is helpful to have some background information on the world and some of the families within it. (Especially the ways of the ravenwoods) I loved this book and it was so much fun to journey back to this world. Sarah is such a fantastic writer that her books always come to life!

In the raven and the rush we meet our two main characters, Evra and Rhosyn. They are both second children in very important families that want nothing to do with their family duty. But the world has other plans. Told in dual narrative we see Evra Forced to come home when his father and brother succumb to a plague in his land. He must try and find a way to stop it and to do that he needs magic. Rhosyn is the second daughter of the high priestess of the raven wood clan and she does not want to become the next high priestess. Can they each escape their duty? Can they help each other? I loved their story and I can’t wait for the next book in the book of all things series!

Evra and Rhosyn are such easy characters for me to like. I love bookish and scholarly Evra- who would love nothing more than to stay far away from home at University learning all of the things. When he is forced to go home because of the plague in homeland, he is sad for his father but also sad for himself. And Rhosyn is desperate to escape her duty high priestess. Their story was so intriguing because yes I loved the romance, but even more I loved their personal journeys of self discovery that they helped one another through.

I also love the idea of how this story is going to fit into the larger overall world.  This story, and series, is set in in the Kingdom of the White Sea, which is the same world her Kingdom of the White Sea series. The Book of  all Things series is a series of interconnected standalone fantasy romance stories. If you are a fan of epic fantasy and even more epic world building, you NEED to read Sarah’s books. She is one of the best world building authors I have ever read! Sarah M. Cradit is one of my favorite author finds of 2021, and she is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors ever.


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