{Review} The Love Hack by Lauren Helms

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{Review} The Love Hack by Lauren HelmsThe Love Hack by Lauren Helms
Pages: 180
Published by Independently published on May 17, 2020
Series: Modern Princess Collection #2
Genres: New Adult, Romance
Source: ecopy from Author

This year is all about discovering who I really am.
A road trip to a place seven hundred miles away, might not seem like much, but to me it means freedom.
I set out looking for adventure, I never expected Ryker would help me find it.

I'm no prince charming, but I may just be her knight in shining armor.
First, captivated by her ridiculously long blonde hair, I soon find out there is so much more to Zella then her hypnotizing locks.
Turns out those hacking skills I've been practicing are about to come in handy.

A straight-laced good girl meets a bad boy is this modern fairy-tale retelling full of first love, music, a road trip vacation, and just a little illegal hacking.

Note: this book was previously published as Innocent Princess. The Love Hack features the same loveable charters and the same wonderful story.

YA Review My Thoughts

The Love Hack is the second book in the new adult romance series called, the Modern Princess Collection by Lauren Helms. Each of the books in the Modern Princess Collection can be read as a standalone and they each feature a different couple. I’m sure you have been able to guess by the summary and the title of the series, but the Modern Princess Collection is a series of books, each reviving a classic princess story and putting a modern twist on it. I love that idea and I can’t wait to check out the rest of the books in the series, because The Love Hack was great!

The Love Hack is a modern reimagining of the the Rapunzel tale. In The Love Hack, we meet our Rapunzel Princess who is Zella here. Zella has long blonde hair and was adopted as a baby by a very strict and overprotective mother. So when Zella meets bad boy Ryker at Camelot College, she immediately intrigued by him. Ryker is a hacker and he promises fun, adventure and to help Zella find out who her birth parents are. They embark on a road trip that was so much fun to read about. I really loved their breezy romance story. I think Zella’s cheerful and sweet disposition was a breath of fresh air for Ryker. I loved watching the two of them make a positive impact on the other. Ryker brings Zella out of her shell and gets her to experience the fun (and sometimes wild) side of life, and Zella brings some sweetness and positivity to Ryker’s life. They are a super cute couple.

The Love Hack reads more like contemporary college romance with just slight fairytale remnants. I really enjoyed this fun filled road trip adventure. I think this book is perfect for anyone looking for a quick read filled with a sweet romance. I am certainly interested in checking out the other books in the Modern Princess Collection. I can’t wait to see which tales they are based on, and I am even more excited to see what Lauren Helms has in store for those characters.


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