{Review+Giveaway} The House of Always by Jenn Lyons

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{Review+Giveaway} The House of Always by Jenn Lyons

{Review+Giveaway} The House of Always by Jenn LyonsThe House of Always by Jenn Lyons
Pages: 544
Published by Tor Books on May 11, 2021
Series: A Chorus of Dragons #4
Genres: adult, Fantasy & Magic
Source: Finished Hardcover from Publisher

For fans of Brandon Sanderson and Patrick Rothfuss, The House of Always is the fourth epic fantasy in Jenn Lyons' Chorus of Dragons series that began with The Ruin of Kings.

What if you were imprisoned for all eternity?

In the aftermath of the Ritual of Night, everything has changed.

The Eight Immortals have catastrophically failed to stop Kihrin's enemies, who are moving forward with their plans to free Vol Karoth, the King of Demons. Kihrin has his own ideas about how to fight back, but even if he's willing to sacrifice everything for victory, the cost may prove too high for his allies.

Now they face a choice: can they save the world while saving Kihrin, too? Or will they be forced to watch as he becomes the very evil they have all sworn to destroy.

Also in this series: The Ruin of Kings
YA Review My Thoughts

**Note: This is the fourth book in a series that should be read in order. If you are new to the series, you can check out my review of book one- The Ruin of Kings HERE**

The House of Always is the fourth book in the Chorus of Dragons series by author Jenn Lyons. The Chorus of Dragons series is a high fantasy series, and I have to say, I am loving this series! I read the Ruin of Kings back at the start of 2019 and I while I had every intention of continuing on, I missed out on book 2’s release. When I saw this series was already on book four, I knew I wanted to do a binge read to catch up. When I dove into book 2 I will admit that I was initially confused because Jenn Lyons has a tendency to just drop you into the story and it can take a minute to gain your bearings because the world is so big and complex, but as I was reading, I fell right back in love with this story and these characters. By the time I got to The House of Always, I was well and truly in love. Jenn Lyons is a master at crafting high fantasy. This is a series that is meant to be explored and savored. If you read it too fast, you may be confused or overwhelmed by the sheer amount going on in the plot and the multiple timelines that are present, but if you take your time, I think you will really appreciate these books. I know I do!

The House of Always, like the previous books in the Chorus of Dragons series, is told through multiple perspectives. In this installment, we get to see even more characters, which I really liked. Though I do wish that we got to see more of Kihrin and Tereath and Janel, but I understand with a world this big and a plot this complex we need to visit the other perspectives to see the full picture. I love how vast the story is. Though it can be overwhelming and a bit confusing at times, it is so satisfying to see the pieces come together. I have to say with this book, I have new favorite characters. I absolutely adore Thurvishar and Senera! Like everyone present in this story, they are wonderfully rich and complex as individuals. There are no one dimensional or flat characters in The House of Always, which is a huge accomplishment with a cast this large, and I love so many of the characters!  Jenn Lyons is an author that should be on every fantasy lovers, and diverse cast lovers radar. There are so many character representations present in this story- from bisexual, to poly relationships, to asexual, this series has it all and all of it is so well done! The romance also amps up in this book and I quite enjoyed that as well.

I can’t get too much into the specifics of the plot because the tensions, fights and enemies are all built upon the events of the previous three books, but suffice it to say that there is a ton of action and political intrigue going on. The House of Always and The Chorus of Dragons has everything I love in a fantasy; a crazy world, a crazier plot that will really mess with you head at times (in both good and bad ways!) political intrigue galore, plot twists, betrayals, battles and plenty of adventure. I was completely fascinated by the mindscape that Jenn Lyons created. Fans of epic fantasies will really like the overall complexity of the world. I think once you really get to know the characters and the world, you will fall in love with the book. I loved the story line of this one so much and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I know it can seem daunting at first, but stick with it! It gets easier to follow along with, and this really does become an unputdownable adventure. I can’t wait to see the next installment from Jenn Lyons.



“Lyons has cleverly taken the epic fantasy tropes of prophecy and lineage and stood them on their heads, all while delving deep into her multidimensional characters and spinning great battles with high body counts.” ―Booklist, starred review


“[A] jaw-dropping, action-packed story of betrayal, greed, and grand-scale conspiracy . . . Lyons ties it all together seamlessly to create literary magic. Epic fantasy fans looking for a virtually un-put-down-able read should look no further.” ―Kirkus, starred review

“Rich, cruel, gorgeous, brilliant, enthralling and deeply, deeply satisfying. I loved it.” ―Lev Grossman, author of The Magicians

“It was one hell of a ride. I gobbled it up and was hungry for more.” ―Glen Cook, author of The Black Company

“The Ruin of Kings is a fascinating story about a compellingly conflicted young hero in an intriguingly complex world.” ―L. E. Modesitt, Jr., author of the Recluse series

“A thriller plot of revenge and loyalty with a get-under-your-skin and keep-you-reading-all-night mystery at its heart. I loved it.”―John Gwynne, author of Malice

“The Ruin of Kings revs up with the glitz of a high-speed, multi-level video game, with extreme magic and a teen hero with angst.” ―Janny Wurts, author of The Curse of the Mistwraith


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