{Review} Mu By Lyla Oweds

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{Review} Mu By Lyla OwedsMu by Lyla Oweds
Pages: 759
on August 15, 2019
Genres: New Adult, Reverse Harem, Paranormal, Romance
Source: ecopy from Author

The things I see aren’t for the faint of heart.

And I am no longer willing to ignore them. Not even when my family, and my best friend, tell me to keep quiet about what’s happening. They say people will think I’m crazy.

Maybe I am.

But the spirit haunting my professor’s house is definitely trying to tell me something, and I’m the only one who can see it.

The one person who can help me is my best friend's brother. But I don’t know if I can trust him or his friends. Or if I can step outside the protective bubble I’ve built around myself.

At this point it’s a toss up: the ghosts will kill me or my panic attacks will.

Either way, I figure I’m going to die.



My Thoughts

Mu is a bind up of the three first books in the new adult paranormal series, The Grimm Cases By Lyla Oweds.  I have really been enjoying this series, and I love that there are already 5 books out because I just want to read them all. They are pretty short so they are great for a quick paranormal mystery fix. The bind up also contains  a novella and four bonus chapters- one from each of the guys.  I also wanted to point out that this is a reverse harem romance, which I had no idea of when I read the summary for the book. I don’t mind that (in fact, I like them) but I wanted to point that out in case that isn’t your thing.

In Origins, the first book in the series, we meet out main character, Bianca who has had some run in’s with ghosts. Overall though I liked Bianca, but my main interest were the mysteries. This series is cool because other than the fact that Bianca knows she can see ghosts, she really knows next to nothing about the supernatural world. Which is cool, because we as the readers get to learn everything right alongside of her. And sure, she has some missteps and misfires along the way, but I think she does a great job with everything that is thrown at her considering. I also love Bianca’s four guys. Damen, Titus, Miles and Julian are great. They each have distinct personalities but they are all so supportive with Bianca, and they are honestly a great help to her when ever she gets herself in a jam. I will point out that this is not a racy reverse harem at all. Bianca had a really difficult upbringing and I think her past events have made her a little gunshy in the relationship department, and that is reflected in the very slow burn throughout these books.

This series kind of gives me a Veil Dairies vibe, so this might be a series to check out if you are a fan of that one. If you are a fan of paranormal mysteries in a slow burn reverse harem setting, then I thin The Grimm Cases series is a great series for you to check out.  Bottom line: this series will be good for fans of the Veil Dairies series, and who like paranormal mysteries. I personally cannot wait to continue on with book 4. 

Michelle @ Book Briefs

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