{Review} Sword of the Seven Sins by @EmilyaColin

September 18, 2020 Reviews, Young Adult 0 ★★★★½

{Review} Sword of the Seven Sins by @EmilyaColinSword of the Seven Sins by Emily Colin
Pages: 300
Published by Blue Crow Books on August 3, 2020
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy & Magic, Romance, Dystopian
Source: Paperback from Author

From Emily Colin, author of the New York Times bestselling novel The Memory Thief.

Eva Marteinn never wanted to be a killer.

Raised in the Commonwealth, where citizens live and die by the code of the Seven Sins, Eva is sickened by the barbaric punishments the High Priests inflict. She sees the Bellators of Light, the Commonwealth's executioners, as no more than conscienceless killers.

When she's Chosen as the first female bellator—and can't refuse, on threat of exile or disgrace—Eva is devastated. But she turns out to be inordinately gifted at the very role she abhors…no thanks to her mentor, Ari Westergaard, who alternates between ignoring her and challenging her to impossible tests.

Ari's indifference conceals a dangerous secret: He's loved Eva since they were children. When Eva falls for Ari too, she knows they should do anything to avoid each other. Love is forbidden. Lust is a death sentence. But as mentor and apprentice, they're bound by the blood oath they swore the day of Eva's Choosing.

Balanced on a razor's edge of desire and betrayal, the two uncover a secret that could overturn the Commonwealth itself. Now Eva must make an impossible choice: Turn her back on Ari, and remain loyal to the only home she's ever known—or risk everything on the slim hope of freedom, and stake her life on the boy she's come to love.

YA Review My Thoughts

Sword of the Seven Sins is the first book in a young adult fantasy romance series by Emily Colin. I loved this book so much you guys! I want the second book in my hands right now. My very next read is going to be the free prequel novella (more information on that below my review) This book was so interesting, and I was happy to learn that it was going to be a series by the time I finished reading. Although there is not much of a cliffhanger, which I appreciated, I am also super excited to jump back into this world for more! I can’t wait for the second book. Sword of Seven Sins is the perfect read for fans of fantasy, romance, science fiction and dystopian novels because this unique world blends all of those genres quite well!

In Sword of the Seven Sins, we meet our main characters, Eva and Ari. I loved the both of them so much! Their romance and their feelings for each other is one of the main focuses on the story, which you all know is my personal reading preference. But here, it actually fits in so well with the story line. The world that Emily Colin has created is super interesting and unique. It is a harsh dystopian like punishment structure, but here punishments are not only super harsh (like being exiled or killed) but they crimes and sins are centered around the Seven Deadly Sins  and the Seven Virtues. In this world, the virtues are what one person should embody at all times, and the Seven deadly sins must be avoided at all costs. So to circle back to Eva and Ari- lust is one of the seven deadly sins, and in this world love and lust are forbidden. I was completely in love with their forbidden romance! I want to read about it over and over again!

The plot of the story is totally different, but the vibe of this book reminded me of Kiss of the Royal by Lindsey Duga, which is one of my favorite fantasy romances of all time. I loved the interactions between Eva and Ari so much. Ari has had feelings for Eva his whole life that he has obviously had to conceal, and when Eva is set to become the first female Bellator, which are the executioners of people that commit a crime of the seven sins, Ari is to be her mentor. Obviously, this is where things get really interesting! Watching them together made me feel all the feelings. I am personally hoping that we get to see so many more books featuring the two of them.

Overall, Sword of the Seven Sins was a fantastic read and it is going to be perfect for fans of fantasy romances. It will also be great for fans of dystopian as well because the story kind of blends the two together. I loved this book and I cannot wait for the second book in the series! I need it right now!


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You can click on the book cover to grab your copy!

Born in the Commonwealth of Ashes, where citizens live and die by the tenets of the Seven Deadly Sins, teenager Ari Westergaard has known little but violence and deprivation. Though attachment to others is forbidden, he’s struggled all his life with the desire for connection—and the sin of pride—only to be rebuffed and punished . Then, one day, during a routine execution of a sinner, he sees a girl dare to defy one of the Commonwealth’s High Priests…and falls hopelessly in love.

Lust is one of the Seven Sins, and love is seen as the first step down the road to dissolution. Ari’s feelings for Eva Marteinn are forbidden—a temptation and a secret, a virtue and a sin. Though Ari and Eva have never spoken, his thoughts of her sustain him as he battles his instincts in order to survive in a world where cruelty is the norm and kindness is for the weak. But when Ari is faced with a fellow citizen in need of protection, he must make a difficult choice: Stand up for what he believes in—or pay the ultimate price.

You can grab a copy of Sacrifice of the Seven Sins HERE

About Emily Colin

Emily Colin’s debut adult novel, THE MEMORY THIEF, was a New York Times bestseller and a Target Emerging Authors Pick. She is also the author of THE DREAM KEEPER’S DAUGHTER (Ballantine Books, 2017) and the editor of the YA fiction anthology, WICKED SOUTH: SECRETS AND LIES (Blue Crow Publishing, 2018). The first book in her new YA series, SWORD OF THE SEVEN SINS, is forthcoming from Blue Crow Publishing in August 2020. Emily’s diverse life experience includes organizing a Coney Island tattoo and piercing show, hauling fish at the Dolphin Research Center in the Florida Keys, roaming New York City as an itinerant teenage violinist, helping launch two small publishing companies, and serving as the associate director of a nonprofit dedicated to immersing youth in need in the arts. Originally from Brooklyn, she lives in Wilmington, NC with her family. She loves chocolate, is addicted to tiramisu, and dislikes anything containing beans.

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