{Mini Review+Excerpt+Giveaway} A Promise Made by Anissa Garcia @AnissaGAuthor

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{Mini Review+Excerpt+Giveaway} A Promise Made by Anissa Garcia @AnissaGAuthorA Promise Made by Anissa Garcia
Pages: 287
Published by AG Romance Reads LLC on November 3, 2016
Series: Promise #2
Genres: New Adult, contemporary, Romance
Source: eARC from Publisher

Josh McKenzie may come off as intimidating with his solid build and cold stare, but when trouble calls, Marla quickly learns there is more to the sexy tatted man with the British accent. And if she’s not careful, she can easily lose herself in his gentle touch and soft voice.

A feisty redhead with a mouth that won’t quit, Marla Sullivan knows how to push all of Josh’s buttons, making him want her in the worst way. His biggest hurdle is breaking through her stubborn walls and proving he’s here to stay.

When Marla’s faced with an unknown danger, Josh is forced to reveal his buried past. Promises made and surfaced truths may be the catalyst that brings them together...or pushes them further apart.

Note: This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age due to its use of sexual content, drug and alcohol use, and/or violence.
Adult Review My Thoughts

A Promise Made is the second book in the Promise series by Anissa Garcia. The Promise series are adult contemporary romances. I never had the chance to read A Promise Kept, book one in the series, but I had no problem following along with Josh’s story. I thought it was a cute romance. A little heavy on the cheese, but cute nonetheless. I think lovers of romantic romances will enjoy this one.

I have to say I ended up liking Jose wayy more than I liked Marla. In fact, I found Marla to be a little annoying, which is why I didn’t love this book as much as I wanted to. I felt like Jose was so nice to Marla every step of the way, and all she did was fight him, regardless of everything he was doing for her and to woo her. It didn’t bug me at first, but after a while, I just wanted to tell her to snap out of it and start being nicer to him! Because Josh was a total sweetheart. I liked how persistent he was, but I wished he didn’t have to be. I felt bad for him after a while. But he hung in there, and no matter what Marla threw at him, he seemed to take it all in stride. And he certainly never gave up. I admired that about him.

In the end, I liked the story of A Promise Made. I loved Josh and I loved the plot and writing. I tolerated Marla. She brought my love of the book down a notch or two. But if you are looking for a quick read that is well done and very romantic, check out A Promise Made. Read the excerpt below and see if this book will be for you. 🙂

blue3 Excerpt
The knock on the door stirred me out of my thoughts and my mind reeled over who could be keeping me from my dinner. The doorbell then chimed. Not once, not twice, but three annoying times in a row, followed by a series of fervent knocks.
I inaudibly walked toward the door, careful to not give myself away, in case it was someone selling me a subscription to the newspaper or converting me to their religion. I peered into the peephole and scrunched my face in aversion as my mouth emitted an aggravated sigh. I swiftly opened the door as his hand stopped midair.
My hip jutted out as my irritation level climbed. “What are you doing here?”
Josh’s cool exterior, the tight forest green shirt, the peekaboo tattoos, his dark jeans were all too much to take in. Good God, this man was delicious. It was enough to make me go nuts, but instead I kept myself calm. “Did you forget? Lessons.”
“Are you serious?” He nodded as his blazing eyes trailed down to my chest. I followed, remembering I had opened my blouse. I shrugged, closing the satin around my body. “What? You haven’t seen a great pair of breasts before?”
“Not those,” he smirked. “At least not yet.”
“Want me to shut this door in your face?” I flung it and walked away, but heard as his hand caught it from closing completely. I could feel his presence as he walked in and shut the door, locking it behind him.
“Thanks for inviting me in,” he said softly, as I glanced back, buttoning my blouse up. His eyes scanned my living room, and I ignored the idea of him seeing my untidy home. My shoes were set in an accumulating pile near the corner of the entrance, my sweaters and jackets hung over one another on hooks near the door, and magazines were scatted across my coffee table.
I turned and glared at him as he set his hands in his pockets, his eyes on my pretty heaps of high heels. “What?”
The grin playing over his lips stayed small, as if he knew to be careful with me. At the same time there was a hint of mischief behind those glassy light blue eyes. “Nothing,” he said, shaking his head slightly. “Nice shoes.”
“Fine. You can borrow a pair, but only if you promise to return them.”
A very rare smile spread over his lips. It was one that made his eyes twinkle, his teeth show, and a laugh emit from his throat. I shockingly found myself grinning back, a twirl in my stomach reminding me of what it felt like being on a rollercoaster right at the drop. Satisfaction built inside me knowing I had earned that moment of sincerity from him. It was one he hardly let others see. Wait. Why should I care that he smiled? Pull yourself together, Sullivan. “What are you doing here, Josh?”



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About Anissa Garcia

Anissa Garcia resides in Austin, Texas and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Speech Communications and English. She held an array of jobs including Public Relations Manager for Barnes and Noble. Wanting a change of pace, she moved to Los Angeles where she attended The American Academy of Dramatic Arts, and trained full-time in theatre. After working in Hollywood, she returned to Texas where she has written articles for Cosmopolitan and Lady Couture. When not writing stories, watching movies, or drinking a latte, she loves to daydream about romantic fictional men.

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