Some Girls Bite Read-A-Long: Chapters 1-4

January 4, 2012 Discussion, event 3

I’m participating in a read-a-long for the first book in the Chicagoland Vampires series. I recently got the first book and I have been wanting to check out this series so it was the perfect time. A big thank you to the hosts of this wonderful event: Tina at Tina’s Book Reviews, Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight, Missie at The Unread Reader, and Jenny at Supernatural Snark

If you would like to join in the fun, you can sign up HERE

Here is the schedule for the event: 
January 3rd – Chapters 1-4 (Jenny at Supernatural Snark)
January 10th – Chapters 5-8 (Tina at Tina’s Book Reviews)
January 17th – Chapters 9-12 (Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight)
January 24th – Chapters 13-15 + epilogue (Missie at The Unread Reader)
January 31st – Special guest post by Chloe Neill and our grand prize giveaway!

Now I have only read up to the end of chapter 4 so my thoughts are only from pages 1-100. 


1. Let’s say tomorrow a “vampire manifesto” as Merit calls it runs in newspapers across the country announcing their existence. How do you think you would react? If you were hesitant to believe initially, what would it take to convince you they were real?
I would probably be a little scared, but I have to admit that I would also be more than a little excited. It would lead me to thinking “what else is out there that we don’t know about?” But I must admit that I would be scared. I would want to know what kind of vampires they are. I’m not exactly sure how I would react, but if I were hesitant I would probably want some kind of proof. Seeing them drink blood and seeing their fangs would be more than enough. But then again, with movie magic these days I know that is easy to fake. So if I could gather up my courage maybe I would want to see it up close, but then again maybe not. Maybe ignorance is bliss?

2. Since being turned into a vampire means complete removal from your former life and a new job serving your House in some capacity, what do you think you would miss most about the life you live now?
Well since I’m still in school, I don’t have a job. I would have to leave law school and I think that would upset me. I really enjoy learning and school, but I must admit I would not miss the competition and stress of a single final that comes along with law school. As long as I still got to see my family and friends I would be ok though. 

3. What are your first impressions of Merit and how she’s handling all the changes in her life?
I think considering, she is handling things really well. I don’t think I would be handling them well in her circumstances. I guess if I were already used to the idea of vampires, I might do ok, but just suddenly being attacked and made into one and then being forced to drop out of school is a big deal. I think she is doing great, aside from being a little whiny about it, she is taking everything in stride. 
4. When you first read the description of Ethan, what actor/model/person you know pops into your head as the perfect embodiment of him? Feel free to include pictures 😉 
Hmm I was kind of thinking Eric Northman from True Blood. I am not one for long hair on guys, so when Ethan was described as having long hair I cringed a little. In order to rectify this in my mind I came up with an image of perhaps the only long haired vamp that I love. Insert Eric. (even though I like him much more with short hair) I know this is not the perfect description of Ethan but it is how I choose to picture him. (even though I kind of like other males in the story more than him at the moment)

5. Do you think Merit’s anger at Ethan himself, not the situation, is justified?

I can understand why she would be mad at him, but I think she is projecting her anger at the situation onto him. What she should be doing is trying to find out as much information about the houses as possible but that is besides the point. I think she will soon find out that she is not nearly as mad at him as she thinks she is. 

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  1. Jenny

    I have to say that if I were still in school and all of a sudden vampirism got me out of some finals, I might not be all that upset about the change 😉 I would also not be too upset if Ethan looked like Eric, that would be perfectly fine with me and I’d be right there reading to spend some quality time with him! Thanks for participating Michelle!

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