Some Girls Bite read-a-long wrap up

January 25, 2012 Discussion, event 2

Here is the schedule for the event: 
January 3rd – Chapters 1-4 (Jenny at Supernatural Snark)
January 10th – Chapters 5-8 (Tina at Tina’s Book Reviews)
January 17th – Chapters 9-12 (Rummanah at Books in the Spotlight)
January 24th – Chapters 13-15 + epilogue (Missie at The Unread Reader)
January 31st – Special guest post by Chloe Neill and our grand prize giveaway!

Week Four Discussion Questions: Chapters 13-15 + epilogue

1. Chapter 13 opens with Merit describing her new job routine as House Sentinel. Considering that every job at Cadogan House is important in helping to make the house run efficiently, which job do you think you’d like to have (guard, cook, social director, gardener, etc.) and why?

I’d like to be either house historian, or the legal counsel. haha this one is kind of a cheap shot, but I figure that if I’m spending all this time and money on law school I might as well make the most of it. Even if I do become a vampire. I would be a great vampire attorney. 🙂
2. In the supernatural world of Chicagoland Vampires, politics seem to play an important role in the way the Houses are run. Now that you’ve been introduced to the Rogues, do you think it’s better for vampires to be a part of a House or to live outside of one. 

I think there are pros and cons for both but I would probably want to be in a house rather than being a rogue. The houses are kind of mysterious and even though im sure all of them members don’t know exactly what the houses are up to, they still offer some sort of protection and community for the vampires. The houses make sure they have jobs and security. I think those are pretty good benefits. With a possible war coming, I would much rather have the strength in numbers that the houses provide. 
3. After Morgan openly asks to court Merit, she feels betrayed when Ethan commands her to accept for the show of alliance it could bring to Cadogan House. Do you think her reaction was warranted?

I can understand that Merit was hurt. I probably would be too. I don’t know if I would show it as much as she did, I’m more of the suffer in silence type. But I can imagine that it must have hurt her feelings. She should have at least noticed that Ethan didn’t seem to happy about the whole thing. I can’t wait to see more about the three of them. I look forward to many jealous moments all around 😉 

4. When Ethan meets with the perpetrator of the murders, were you surprised to discover who it was? If you suspected someone, were your suspensions correct? What did you think of the perpetrator’s motive?

I kind of suspected Celina so I was not too surprised to see her there but I thought something more mysterious was going on. After I read everything, I kept thinking “no that can’t be everything. There has to be more to it.” I think, or I hope, that we will find out a little more in the next book. I was certainly surprised to see Amber there. She was never on my radar for this at all!

5. What was your favorite/least favorite parts of Some Girls Bite?

Favorite: Catcher talking about his sword all the time. hehe and seeing what Merit would eat next.  

Least Favorite: Merit’s whining at the beginning and stubborn child streak. Plus see what Merit would eat next, because it made me hungry! haha

6. What do you think is coming up next for Merit, Sentinel of Cadogan House? Will you continue reading this series, and if so, what do you hope to see happen in the next book?

I am def going to keep reading this series! I really enjoyed the book. I think Merit is going to have a lot more butt kicking to do as Sentinel, and I also think we are going to see her become more powerful. I so want to like Morgan! Please, please, please have him be a good guy! I’m not convinced yet, and on that note, I’m also not convinced about Ethan’s awesomeness either. I like him more than I did at the start of the book, but I am not totally on board the Ethan train. Maybe book 2 will change that? 

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2 Responses to “Some Girls Bite read-a-long wrap up”

  1. Candace

    Yeah, I felt a bit underwhelmed when they revealed Celina was guilty. It just seemed too easy.
    I really liked Morgan in the first bit but now I’m not loving him as much. Maybe it’s just him asking to date her that kind of made me like him less. Like him doing that was a cheap shot cause he knew that she’d feel like she had to say yes or that Ethan would tell her to say yes.

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