{Mini Review+Interview} We are Party People by @LeslieMargolis ‏

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{Mini Review+Interview} We are Party People by @LeslieMargolis ‏

{Mini Review+Interview} We are Party People by @LeslieMargolis ‏We Are Party People by Leslie Margolis
Pages: 288
Published by Farrar on October 3, 2017
Genres: Middle Grade, contemporary

A funny and sweet middle-grade novel about friendship, family, and overcoming shyness, perfect for fans of Wendy Mass.

Shy twelve-year-old Pixie is the opposite of her gregarious parents, owners of the top party planning company in town. When Pixie's mom has to go away to support her ailing grandmother, it falls on Pixie to help out with the family business and step into the spotlight—and mermaid costume—her worst nightmare. Along the way she learns important life lessons, like maybe her family isn't so bad after all and that stepping out of her comfort zone might not be as scary as she thought. With a little help from her friends, she discovers her courage and faces her fears.


I am so excited to have Leslie Margolis here to chat parties and party people. Thank you for being here today Leslie!

1. Describe We Are Party People in a tweet (140 characters or less)

One shy, quiet kid + mandatory mermaid costume = Catastrophe or triumph?  Read on.

2. Can you describe your perfect party for me? (What are we celebrating? How many people are there? Where is it?)

My perfect party is small and casual, with no occasion necessary.  It is filled with artists and philosophers and activists. Everyone has outrageous stories to tell.  There’s scintillating conversation, scrumptious food and drink and beautiful music.

3. What was the most fun part of writing We Are Party People?

The best part of writing any novel is coming up with the initial idea and characters. Then, thinking about what could go wrong—and making it happen.  I like my characters to suffer!  Big-time nightmare scenarios are so much fun to read about.  Don’t you think?

4. Tell us something we didn’t know about your main character, Pixie. 

Even though Pixie is shy and wants to fade into the background, she absolutely hates to be ignored.  This is her internal conflict. She is smart and sharp and opinionated and has plenty to say.  Sometimes, though, it’s hard for her to get the words out.  Still, she is someone who definitely needs to be heard. 

5. If we peeked under your bed right now, what would we find? 

Dust bunnies.  Plotlines for ten new novels I am desperate to write.  Zero dead bodies.  One yoga mat.  A sock puppet.

6. Since it is already December (holy cow!), what is your favorite part about the holiday season?

There is nothing about the holidays that I don’t love, but if I had to name some favorites, here you go: the snow and cold, warm, toasty fires, holiday lights, food, chocolate, marshmallows, music and presents.

7. If we were to have an author talent show, what would your talent be? 

Procrastinating. Dog-walking.  Googling inconsequential stuff.  Reading.  Sleeping.   Knuckle-cracking.  Yes, I know.  It’s intimidating.  

And now for my mini review. Read on to see what my brief thoughts on this adorable read.

My Thoughts

We are Party People is a middle grade contemporary by Leslie Margolis about a family run party business and their daughter that doesn’t love being the center of attention. This book was super cute. I really enjoyed it right from the first page where they were describing the crazy chicken. Leslie Margolis’ writing immediately drew me in and put a smile on my face. We are Party People and I just clicked.

The main character of We are Party People is middle schooler, Pixie Jones. Pixie was a great main character. She was age appropriate but still felt mature and well grounded. I really liked her. It was really easy for me to relate to her. She prefers blending in and is a little shy, which is exactly how I was at her age. But throughout we are Party People, we get to see Pixie find a way to be a part of the party.

Bottom line: We are Party People is a super cute read that will put a smile on your face. Readers will identify with Pixie and Leslie Margolis’ easy writing style and knack for humor will engage readers of all ages.

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About Leslie Margolis

Leslie Margolis at a young age aspired to be a writer, and she had been successful at it through her books. She lives in Los Angeles, California with her family.

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