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October 4, 2013 Reviews, Young Adult 4 ★★★★

YA Review
Something Witchy by AJ Myers 
 Paperback, 336 pages
Published September 3rd 2013 by A Little Witch
Age Group: YA
Series: Mystics & Mayhem #1
Source: ecopy from Author

My name is Ember Blaylock.  Welcome to the World of Weird—better known as my life.
It wasn’t always like this.  I was once a normal high school senior, just filling out college apps and trying to stay sane long enough to get out of Moonlight, Missouri.  Preferably before I ended up in a straight-jacket out of sheer boredom.
At first, my only problems were my increasingly unwanted ability to see the dead and my desperation to remove the stalker known as my ex-boyfriend from my life.  Somewhere along the line I must have pissed off the Bad Karma Fairy.  Maybe I stepped on the wrong toadstool or peed in Loki’s personal swimming pool—I really don’t know.  All I do know is I’m about to have the worst week of my life.  Maybe the worst week of any teenager’s life.  Ever.https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/images/cleardot.gif
All because of a dead guy.
From the second pale, too-hot-to-be-real Nathan Ashley stepped out of the wreckage of his mangled sports car, my life spiraled into complete and utter chaos.  One minute, I’m quasi-normal, the next I’m being kidnapped by a vampire, I’m having weird, creepy powers sprout up out of nowhere, and I’m running from a demon who wants to get more familiar with my anatomy…or kill me.  Again. Yeah, did I mention he’s done it before?
Anybody know if those straight-jackets come in pink?

My Thoughts
Witches and Vampires and Demons, oh my! Something Witchy has them all and I loved it. I haven’t read a vampire book in a long time because I was kind of on vampire overload two years ago. I have been sort of burnt out on them lately, but Something Witchy reminded me how much I used to love them. To be fair, Something Witchy is more of a witch coming of age story than it is a vampire tale.
Ember doesn’t know she’s a witch, and 13`2Q`all of a sudden things start happening. Her long time friend starts acting weird and stalkerish, and then she meets Nathan. Jack was a huge jerk. I know he used to be Ember’s friend, but we never got to see that good side of him. I kind of wish he was normal at the start of the book so we could witness him turning “bad”, but we only see the creepy new version of him so I had no problem hating him right off the bat. Ember is whisked away by Nathan really early on in the book because he is trying to protect her and she certainly does not make it easy on him. She has some major trust issues. On one hand I really appreciated her skepticism and self preservation mode, but on the other hand I could tell that Nathan cared about her and was being so genuine and I just felt bad for the guy.
I liked that all of the characters pointed out how oblivious Ember could be when it came to Nathan, because it certainly seemed that way. I thought anyone would be able to tell that he was crazy in love with her, but she seemed to just not get it. The romance between the two of them was bumpy and rocky and anything but instant. I loved watching them interact and progress towards more than friends. Just to get her to admit she had feelings took forever! So when it finally did happen I wanted to cheer. I really like Nathan. I might like him a little more than I like Ember. But we will see in the next book because it is a battle between the two of them for my favorite. Ember is just so spunky that you can’t help but love her.
I am interested to see what she tells her friend Kim, because she was gone for over a week with no explanation, but that wasn’t addressed in this story. And I really want to know what Tyler is! And I can’t wait to find out just how powerful Ember’s powers will be now that her bind was lifted and she fully came into her powers. Can you tell how excited I am to read the second book? I thought Something Witchy was captivating and it set the stage for an awesome series! I think I am really going to love the mystics and mayhem series. Something Witchy was a great start to a really promising series. I can’t wait to see more Nathan and Ember.
About the Author

I’m a prolific Paranormal Romance author who started writing for my daughter in 2008 when she ran out of vampire series to read. I’d never written a book before that, but by the time I finished that book for her I had the fever. I’ve been doing what the nagging voices in my head tell me to do ever since. I work full time, run a family, and still manage to put out two novels a year. To hear my husband tell it, I type in my sleep!
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  1. Giselle

    Ooh this has wicthes AND vampires and demons? Sweet! I love witch books and I haven’t read a good vampire book in so long! It sounds like a really fun read too and I love how the romance is not rushed or insta-love that’s always the biggest turn off for me and it’s IN ALL THE BOOKS! >.< Great review, Michelle!

  2. kimbacaffeinate

    This sounds quite good Michelle, and I am loving that it has witches, vampires and demons. The characters sound good even the secondary characters seem developed which I enjoy. Wonderful review 🙂

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